How Do I Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Missouri?

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) has identified qualifying conditions for medical marijuana treatment in Missouri. These include chronic and debilitating conditions that might be helped by medical cannabis.

Do I Really Need a Medical Marijuana Card?

Yes, with the card, you will be able to legally purchase marijuana from Missouri dispensaries, possess marijuana in the state of Missouri, and consume marijuana on your own private property.  You can also grow marijuana on your property if you select “cultivator” during the application process.

How Do I Get a Card in Missouri?

First, you need to get a qualified MD or DO to confirm that you have one of the qualifying conditions. Then your doctor will submit an electronic physician certification to to Missouri DHSS.

You will then create an account on the Missouri Medical Marijuana Portal, submit all required information to DHSS, and pay the state fee for patient, caregiver, or cultivator.

Once your DHSS application is submitted, you will receive your state approval & digital card via email within 30 days of your application date.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a MMJ Card?

Prices vary across the state and in-office visits can be as much as $500. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to see if medical marijuana could work for them. That’s why we offer state-wide evaluations for a low fee and offer discounts for veterans. Get your virtual physician certification today for only $125. Renew your certification annually for only $95.

Are There Any Other Fees?

The State of Missouri charges a fee to apply for the Patient, Caregiver, or Cultivator card. The current fees from the DHSS website are:

New Patient: $27.76              Renewal: $27.76               Caregiver: $27.76

                                              Cultivator: $110.99 

Do I Have to Pay for a New Evaluation Each Year?

Yes. Every Medical Marijuana card issued in MO will expire one year from the date it is issued. Renewals can be submitted not more than 60 and not less than 30 days before the expiration date. 

A new evaluation is required every year.

For Patients

What do you Charge for a Medical Marijuana Appointment?

HIPAA-compliant virtual appointments via Zoom are $125 for new cards and $95 for renewals. If you prefer an in-office appointment, our doctors are available by appointment only, so just give us a call to get your appointment scheduled!

How Quickly Will I get my Certification?

You will receive an email within 24 hours that your doctor has submitted an electronic certification to MO DHSS. You will need to begin an application on the MO Medical Marijuana Portal, which you can start by clicking here: https://mo-public.mycomplia.com/#!/signin

What if I don't Qualify?

If the physician you see determines you are ineligible for a medical marijuana card, you will receive a notification by email following your appointment and your entire appointment fee will be refunded to you.

What will Happen at my Appointment?

One of our physicians will review your medical history, ask you questions relevant to your qualifying conditions, and determine whether you are eligible for a medical marijuana card

What do I Need to Bring to my Appointment?

You MUST have a valid photo ID proving you are a Missouri resident. You will complete a medical history form prior to your appointment. If our physician needs your medical records, we can help you with this during your appointment.

Can I Start Growing or Purchasing Medical Marijuana After my Appointment?

Not yet. If you qualify, we will email your completed physician certification form to you the same day. You’ll still need to submit that certification form and required paperwork to DHSS to get your digital card.

If you want to grow medical marijuana, select the cultivator option in the additional information section of your DHSS online application.

What is a Designated Caregiver?

A Designated Caregiver is someone you, as a patient, select to obtain a caregiver card and who is authorized to purchase, possess, cultivate, and dispense your medical marijuana. You are allowed to choose two (2) designated caregivers and they must register through DHSS.

Caregivers may select “cultivator” option when they register, but only if the patient does not have a cultivator card.

How do I apply to be a Caregiver?

There is an online portal for caregivers and patients to apply. Only applications submitted through this portal will be accepted. The fee for caregiver registration is $25.58. Caregivers can apply here:  https://mo-public.mycomplia.com/#!/signin

How do I Qualify to be a Designated Caregiver?

The State of Missouri has defined these as necessary qualifications to be a designated caregiver:

  • You must be twenty-one (21) years of age or older
  • You must be responsible for the care and well-being of a qualified medical marijuana patient
  • You must be designated on the primary caregiver application for an identification card
  • You must apply for a separate registry card for each patient 
Can I be the Designated Caregiver for more than one patient?

Yes. As Designated Caregivers in Missouri, you can have up to three (3) patients.

You are required to apply for a caregiver registry card for each patient you have.

Can I be a Designated Caregiver if I'm also a Patient?

Yes. You can be a Designated Caregiver and a registered qualifying patient. You must register with DHSS for BOTH the patient card and the caregiver card.

Can I be a Designated Caregiver for my Child?

Yes. Qualifying patients under the age of eighteen (18) cannot purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary. A parent or legal guardian must register as a Designated Caregiver to purchase medical marijuana for a minor.

For more information, rules and procedures for medical marijuana cards in Missouri, CLICK HERE