Greenway Offering Reduced Advertising Rates to Encourage Eco-Friendly Practices

In a move to encourage sustainable practices within the cannabis industry, Greenway Media, a leading voice for cannabis businesses and consumers in Missouri, is proud to announce a new campaign aimed at reducing the environmental impact of cannabis operations. This initiative offers significant advertising discounts to companies that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

Under this new campaign, Greenway Media will provide a 10% reduction in advertising costs for any licensed marijuana company with existing programs or policies designed to lower their carbon footprint, enhance sustainability, and promote waste reduction and reuse. Furthermore, the company is extending an offer of up to 30% off advertising costs for the first 12 months to licensed operators who implement new sustainability practices.

In 2021, Greenway Media moved away from a traditional monthly print publication model. Greenway’s forward-thinking approach to news dissemination means no paywalls, no subscription fees, and a lower carbon footprint.

“As an industry, our collective footprint matters immensely. The cannabis sector is notorious for its packaging waste, making it our duty to lead the charge in adopting more sustainable practices,” said B.E. Dunn, Publisher and Managing Editor of Greenway. “Through this campaign, we aim to not only incentivize greener business models but also to highlight the importance of sustainability in building a more responsible and environmentally conscious industry.”

Dunn continued, “We started this journey more than two years ago, by reducing our own waste and lowering our own carbon footprint as we moved away from print publication. In 2022, we began offering an incentive program for dispensaries, cultivators, and manufacturers who initiate a packaging recycling program or move to sustainable or environmentally conscious packaging, by offering discounted pricing on advertising. This initiative continues that same tradition. By moving the needle forward and encouraging growth and continued reevaluation, we hope this next step encourages businesses in the space to highlight their existing efforts and plan for additional ways to reduce and reuse while increasing sustainability.”

“The cannabis industry, at its core, is a community. What better way to help build a community than by offering a helping hand when you see someone doing the right thing? As a small business, we understand the costs and risks associated with change, the least we can do is find ways to encourage others to move forward.”

This initiative is part of Greenway Media’s broader commitment to supporting positive change within the cannabis industry. In addition to advocating for sustainability, the company has also been actively involved in offering advertising scholarships to disenfranchised and minority-owned businesses and providing no-cost advertising for non-profits focused on patient care, social justice, and equity in cannabis.

Later this year, Greenway Media will launch the initial wave of microbusiness advertising scholarships for qualifying licensed microbusiness operators as they become approved to operate.


About Greenway Media
Greenway Media is the publisher behind Greenway Magazine and Patients Magazine, serving as Missouri’s primary source of news and information about the cannabis industry, including regulations, business climate, and culture. Since its founding in 2018, Greenway has been at the forefront of the cannabis conversation in Missouri, delivering content through digital channels to ensure accessibility and reduce environmental impact. With a commitment to no paywalls, no subscription fees, and a reduced carbon footprint, Greenway Media continues to innovate in the way cannabis news and information are shared and consumed.

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