Greenway Media, the publisher of Greenway Magazine and Patients Magazine, aims to use platforms to help promote equity and diversity in the cannabis industry.

Greenway Media (the Company), the parent company of Greenway and Patients Magazine today announced an expansion of its social equity and non-profit awareness programs.

“The cannabis industry, as it sits today, is built on the historic disenfranchisement and exclusion of minorities, especially Black men and women. It is imperative that we find ways as an industry to bridge the gaps between a troubled past and a bright future. We cannot move forward without recognizing the disparity created in our industry by fundamental inequality and a history of misrepresentation. The cannabis community has fought to destigmatize a plant, we must fight even harder to destigmatize the individuals and families disproportionately affected by the failed war on drugs. Bringing opportunity to those who have been excluded from it, in any way that we can, is a step in the right direction,” said Greenway Publisher, Brandon Dunn.

In 2022, Greenway Media began offering advertising scholarships for disenfranchised and minority-owned cannabis businesses, as well as ancillary or cannabis-adjacent businesses and service providers. Greenway Media also began an ongoing policy of support for non-profit partners allowing for no-cost advertising for non-profits focusing on patient initiatives and care, social or criminal justice reform, and equity in cannabis.

In 2023, Greenway Media aims to increase the number of scholarships and partners in those programs. With the passage of Amendment 3, which legalizes adult use marijuana in Missouri for persons over the age of 21, a new subsection of the cannabis industry will emerge in the form of microbusiness licensees.

“While microbusiness licensees won’t have to battle for shelf space with existing brands in established dispensaries, we anticipate many of these companies will be smaller, minority-owned businesses – our hope is to be able to help them build their brands and spread awareness while alleviating some of the stress that goes along with ad buying and marketing in the early days of a business,” Dunn stated.

As part of the initiative, Greenway Media will offer advertising scholarships for qualifying microbusiness license winners as they become approved to operate. The Company will also continue to offer free advertising to applicable non-profit partners supporting criminal justice reform, patient access and advocacy, and cannabis education efforts.

“It is our mission, that as the cannabis industry grows, we push ourselves to be better and do better. Stakeholders and participants in this industry have come together time and time again to affect change and move the needle, we hope that in our own small way we can do the same.”

Additionally, Greenway will implement an incentive program for dispensaries, cultivators, and manufacturers in the existing medical and prospective comprehensive adult use markets who initiate a packaging recycling program or move to sustainable or environmentally conscious packaging, by offering discounted pricing on advertising.

“As an industry, we must do all we can to ensure that the imprint we leave on the environment is as negligible as possible. Currently, the cannabis industry creates more packaging waste per product than nearly any other line of goods, it is our responsibility as participants and representatives of the industry to push boundaries and bring about positive change where and when we can,” Dunn said. “As a small business, we understand the costs and risks associated with change, the least we can do is find ways to encourage others to move forward.”

In 2021, Greenway Media moved away from traditional print publication. Greenway’s forward-thinking approach to news dissemination means no paywalls, no subscription fees, more access, and a lower carbon footprint.

About Greenway Media

Greenway Media is the parent company to Greenway, Missouri’s cannabis industry publication, dedicated to the regulatory and political climate and culture of the cannabis industry in Missouri; as well as Patients Magazine, an online publication focusing on community, culture, education, and information dedicated to patients and users of marijuana and cannabis products.

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