Oct. 17, 2022 – PRESS RELEASE –
Greentech is
entering the cannabis market with a line of air purification products designed
specifically for air quality improvement at cultivation facilities,
dispensaries, and independent grow houses that will mitigate odor while
reducing airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

offers the only filters on the market that feature the odor reducing
power of ODOGard. With this proprietary treatment, Greentech Filters trap
odors and purify the air, eliminating odors at the molecular

is a proven nontoxic and biodegradable formula that changes the molecular
structure of odor molecules, permanently destroying them on contact.

a head-to-head comparison at a cannabis cultivation facility, testing performed
by Advanced IAQ Solutions Inc. showed Greentech’s proprietary MERV 11 filters
are more effective than carbon filters, removing 99% more airborne terpenes and
140% more VOCs than carbon filters, leading to improved air quality
and better odor mitigation. 

Filters + are less expensive than carbon filters, more energy efficient than
MERV 13 filters and environmentally friendly. The treated filters are available
in standard sizes and designed to fit existing HVAC systems. 

addition to filters, Greentech offers a full line of active air
purification products featuring PCO technology to mitigate mold, mildew and
other pathogens that can be problematic for plant health. Testing showed that
when used together, Greentech’s new filters combined with active air purifiers
improved airborne terpene and VOC removal by up to an additional 20%.

will introduce the new filters Nov. 16, 2022. 

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