EDMONTON, AB, Oct. 17, 2022 /CNW/ – PRESS RELEASE – Aurora Cannabis (NASDAQ: ACB) (TSX: ACB), the a Canadian cannabis company, today announced a new and unprecedented fall lineup of cannabis products. New flower products include three unique and proprietary strains from Aurora’s esteemed breeding program: Electric Honeydew, Ultra Grape Kush and Organic BC White Grape OG.

“We are proud to introduce a significant number of innovative and exciting products this fall, which were developed from a deep understanding of consumer and patient interests and needs,” says Lana Culley, Vice President of Product Development at Aurora Cannabis. “This extensive line up of flower innovation was made possible from Aurora’s differentiated consumer preference mapping, which uniquely plots evolving cannabis preferences, and the leading work of R&D to develop a portfolio of products with the critical components necessary to compete – intense and exciting aromas, key visual and tactile attributes, and high-potency THC.”

Aurora’s best-in-class genetics breeding program, backed by extensive consumer research and development, was the catalyst for the company’s most robust product release in over two years. Aurora continues to focus on expanding its premium product offerings, while developing unique cultivars and formats that appeal to a wide variety of consumer and patient tastes. In the last 16 months, Aurora has commercialized 12 original cultivars under its various consumer brands.

New products launching this fall include:


Glitches – A first-of-its-kind high-potency chewable extract, delivering 10mg THC per piece. Available in two flavors: Pomegranate Berry (10 x 10mg) and Pineapple Coconut (5 x 10mg).Ultra Grape Kush (3.5g flower) – A mix of MK Ultra and Elite Kush genetics, this proprietary indica cultivar delivers 20-26% THC and incredible grape and gas aromas.

San Rafael ’71:

Electric Honeydew (3.5g flower) – A cross of Girl Scout Cookies and 91 Krypt Melon, Electric Honeydew is a proprietary hybrid cultivar with 24-30% THC, named for its nasal-tingling ‘electric’ gas, pine and melon aroma.Buttered Toast (3.5g flower) – This sativa cultivar is named for its high potency, densely frosted buds. A true sativa cultivar, Buttered Toast has 23-29% THC and a doughy, creamy flavor profile.Driftwood Diesel Shortcuts (3 x 0.35g infused pre-rolls) – A new format for this popular cultivar, a mix of GMO and Fuel, Driftwood Diesel Shortcuts are infused with milled live resin derived ‘dirty diamonds’ for added potency and flavor. Delivered in a reusable metal tin, these pre-rolls pack a punch with 27-32% THC, and were developed to ensure no clogging or extinguishing halfway through!Live Resin Sour Mix Pack Gummies (4 x 2.5mg) – Made with Pink Kush live resin extracted from fresh-frozen cannabis using Aurora’s state-of-the-art hydrocarbon extraction process. These indica gummies come in two flavors: Sour Peach and Sour Cherry.Sourdough (3 x 0.5g pre-rolls) – A cross of Wedding Cake and Sour Diesel, Sourdough is an indica cultivar with 23-29% THC, delivering bready notes combined with sour for a truly unique aroma experience.Farm Gas (3 x 0.5g pre-rolls) – A mix of GMO and Sour Diesel, Farm Gas is an indica cultivar with 22-28% THC and genuine gas and savoury garlic flavors.

Whistler Cannabis Co.:

Organic BC White Grape OG (3.5g flower) – A cross between Lemon OG and The White, this proprietary cultivar is grown in living soil with a small-batch approach. Delivering 24-30% THC and 4% terps, this strain yields complex aromas including sour grape, tropical fruit and diesel.

Daily Special:

Spicy Mango Chili Soft Chews (2 x 5mg) – Infused with high-quality CO2 resin derived from our most popular strains and evenly dosed for a consistent and reliable experience.Pink Pepper OG – This spicy and floral indica cultivar delivers 20-26% THC and a pepper and spice flavour profile with notes of lavender and lemon. Available in 3.5g and 15g flower, pre-rolls (7 x 0.5g) and vapes (510 – 1g).Nightmare Fuel – Derived from GMO and Fuel, Nightmare Fuel is an indica cultivar with 22-28% THC, which gives off a strong and distinct aroma of gas and chem, with earthy, nutty and musky notes. Available in 3.5g and 15g flower, pre-rolls (7 x 0.5g), and vapes (510 – 1g).

Starting this month, Aurora patients will have access to the largest-ever selection of products and formats on Aurora Medical. Alongside more than 60 new products on the channel will be Aurora’s full portfolio of adult-use cannabis brands, including Being Quickstrips, Greybeard premium flower, a wider selection of pre-rolls, new concentrates such as hash and live resin diamonds and sauce, and a new offering of minor cannabinoid (CBN) oils.

The fall product release is set to roll out to patients on Aurora Medical starting in October, followed by availability in Canadian adult-use retailers, with select products available in certain regions.