CULTA, a medical cannabis operator in Maryland, announced this week a partnership with Old Pal, a multistate cannabis lifestyle brand.

CULTA CEO Allison Siegel says the partnership will allow the company to bring high-quality cannabis products to Maryland’s patients, as well as a new product offering: Old Pal’s “Ready to Roll” kit, which includes a half ounce of pre-ground CULTA flower in a resealable pouch, as well as crutches and unbleached hemp rolling papers.

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Here, Siegel shares additional details about CULTA’s collaboration with Old Pal and how it will benefit both companies, as well as Maryland’s patients.

Photo by Jill Jasuta

SiegelMelissa Schiller: What attracted CULTA to Old Pal as a potential partner? Why was the partnership a good fit for CULTA?

Allison Siegel: We are always on the lookout for partnerships that will allow us to bring high-quality cannabis products to the Maryland medical market. We met, hung out and negotiated with Old Pal. We knew of the success of their products in other markets but wanted to really get to know them as people and as a partner. Through the process, we continued to feel they were good business partners and, more importantly, great people. Above all else, this is what attracted us to the Old Pal team and made them a good fit for CULTA.

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This partnership introduces a new type of product to the Maryland patient. It is a good fit for CULTA because it allows us to offer our high-quality flower to the patient who doesn’t want to grind it themselves but wants to ensure they have a high-quality product to roll into their own joints.   

MS: What does the partnership entail, and what opportunities does it present for CULTA?

AS: This partnership currently entails the first SKU in the Old Pal offering, which is “Ready to Roll.” This includes a half ounce of pre-ground CULTA flower in a unique resealable Old Pal pouch. Also included in the kit are crutches and pure unbleached hemp rolling papers. Old Pal is also sponsoring a launch event to introduce Old Pal to the market.

MS: What is unique about Old Pal’s products, and how will they benefit Maryland’s patient base?

AS: Old Pal’s “Ready to Roll” product offers a new product to the Maryland patient base. This product is for the patient who is looking for an easy and approachable way to roll their own joints with confidence that the flower material is of the highest quality. We feel CULTA has the brand trust in the marketplace that allows the patient base to know we are selling them high-quality product, even in a ground form.

MS: How does CULTA approach partnerships in general, and how does it vet potential partners?

AS: CULTA approaches all partnerships as just that—partnerships. We only chose to work with good people with great ideas and business practices. We believe the search and patience are worth it, so we have true, long-term partnerships that are mutually beneficial to both parties.

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