Dispensary sales for May brought in over $30.96 million

Data released by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services on Friday show that sales numbers reported in April were off by over $4.5 million.

Friday’s updated sales figures through the month of May 2022 show cumulative sales of $362.15 million. But the April numbers have been updated from $335.80 million, or $36.76 for the month, to $331.19, or $32.15 in monthly retail sales.

April Dispensary Cumulative Sales 2022, May 27 | DHSS


May Dispensary Cumulative Sales 2022, June 3 | DHSS


While the April sales figure still represents a single-month record, there is a stark contrast in expectations based on data that showed back to back months of +15% growth and the corrected data which shows sales growth of 15% in March and only 4% in April with the busiest sales week in program history along 420.

For May, retail sales slid, falling by 3.70% while still topping the $30 million mark for the third consecutive month. $30.96 million in May sales becomes the third-highest sales month in program history.

The Department stated there was an error in recording the sales numbers for April.


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