Nepra Foods of Colorado, a plant-based and allergen-free food company, is introducing beef, chicken and pork made from its textured hemp protein (THP) to its product line.

In October, the company introduced its THP, stating that it would use it as a key ingredient in its future product development.

Nepra’s plant- and hemp-based meats will be available for purchase by restaurant chains, institutions and private retailers seeking to add substitute meat options to their menus, according to a Nepra press release.

“Customers will be amazed by the authentic tastes and textures of our new lineup of allergen-free plant-based meat analogs,” said Chadwick White, Nepra Foods co-founder and chief innovation officer. “We are convinced that the nutritional and environmental advantages of hemp protein will revolutionize the food industry and [are] proud that Nepra is taking a leading role in bringing healthy and sustainable options to restaurants.”

The company has also ventured into other hemp-based food products.

In late April, Nepra introduced egg-free vegan mayonnaise made with hemp heart protein, virgin hemp oil and lemon, according to a press release.

Marc Olmsted, Nepra’s director of research and development, said that the hemp-based mayonnaise is exceptionally flavorful, nutritious and environmentally friendly.

In addition, the company also sells “N-50 flour,” made with hemp heart protein.

According to a press release, the company works “alongside farmers, and, utilizing agronomic practices including conservation and sustainability, Nepra sources its hemp crops from Canada and produces its unique nutrient-rich formulas at its new Colorado facility.”