Tennessee lawmakers debated a dual measure March 30 that would ban the sale or possession of hemp-derived products containing more than 0.3% THC on a dry-weight basis.

During a subcommittee hearing Wednesday, the bill’s sponsor, Rep. William Lamberth, said regulation for these products needs to be clear-cut, News Channel 9 reported.

“I am not banning delta-8 THC or any other type of THC in this bill. We’re just setting an upper limit of 0.3% [THC],” William said.

But Sam O’Sullivan, with the Tennessee Health Alternatives Association, disagreed. “If this bill were to pass, I know it just says it’s 0.3 percent, but that is a ban,” O’Sullivan said.

Opponents of the bill also argue that the measure would significantly impact businesses selling such products and hinder individuals who use these products for medicinal benefits.

“Nobody is dying from delta-8,” Ted Terry, a delta-8 user, told News Channel 9. “People are dying from alcoholism every day.”

Elisha Millan, owner of Grass Roots, a hemp and CBD dispensary in Chattanooga, Tenn., also told New Channel 9 that we should be helping “individuals get treatment for their pain, rather than penalize them for the method that they choose to do so.”