The Nevada Dispensary Association has renamed itself the Nevada Cannabis Association, according to a release from the organization.

© Nevada Cannabis Association

The newly-named Nevada Cannabis Association says it rebranded to expand its membership representation, which now includes cultivation, production, distribution, independent testing laboratories, and more, in addition to dispensaries.

The NCA, founded in 2014, assists Nevada cannabis businesses with business, education and compliance resources, community outreach, networking events, and government affairs news and analyses.

“From the start, the association has been dedicated to developing and promoting best practices among Nevada cannabis dispensaries,” said Layke Martin, executive director of NCA. “As Nevada’s industry has grown, our dedication to representing the cannabis industry has expanded to include cultivation, production and distribution licensees, independent testing laboratories, and other cannabis businesses. For these members, a voice within the NCA amplifies our collective goal of inclusivity, opportunity and unity within the industry.”

In addition, the NCA also appointed two new board members: Jennifer Gallerani, vice president of compliance and regulatory affairs for Blackbird, and Jerry Velarde, president and founder of NV 3480 Hacienda Partners Inc., which oversees Ego Brands, Evergreen Organix and Fleur Cannabis.

Gallerani also serves as chair of the board for the Cannabis Distribution Association, as well as chair of the National Cannabis Industry Association’s State Regulations Committee, Technology and Compliance Subcommittee.

Velarde was awarded a production and cultivation license in 2014 and has built out a 32,000-sq. ft. facility for his businesses