Missouri marijuana sales push to nearly $29 million for the month of December

For the eighth consecutive month, Missouri medical marijuana dispensaries set another sales record, as sales topped $28.91 million.

Missouri ends 2021 amassing over $144 million in sales in the second half of the year, a monthly average of $24.15 million during that stretch.

December sales jumped 11.4% over November. For the life of the program, Missouri has now amassed $215.08 million in cumulative sales, with $209.75 of that in annual sales in 2021 alone.

Monthly sales figures climbed steadily in early 2021, averaging over 50% growth month to month between January and March.

As the number of licenses climbs, so too does the retail revenue of the state. Missouri now hosts 181 commenced dispensaries. The Section for Medical Marijuana Regulation has also approved the operation of 41 cultivation licenses and 58 manufacturing licenses, as well as 20 dispensaries and 8 testing labs.

With increased access and continual growth, Missouri is expected to exceed $300 million in annual retail sales in 2022.


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