The big event of the week was Election Day, although cannabis was far from the main story. We’ve got our roundup of reform narratives (see below), and the new Republican governor in Virginia will give us a transfer of power worth watching, but overall this is a season of transition for those of us in the industry. Last year brought big wins (and so did early 2021!), and next year promises more of the same.

In between now and then, though: winter.

We’re featuring a short piece from columnist Kenneth “K” Morrow this week, one that will give outdoor growers a few things to think about as early frosts come across the weather forecast. Here’s a tip: “Outdoor growers in areas prone to extreme winter conditions may want to proactively design and construct frames that allow them to easily cover plants in the event of unseasonably cold weather and/or extreme weather conditions.” There’s almost no doubt that those conditions are on their way.

It’s the first full week of November. What are you doing to prepare your business for the winter? Drop me a line and share your own tips!

We’ve rounded up some of the key cannabis headlines from the week right here.

Election Day 2021 brought its share of cannabis storylines, although it was a fairly quiet year between the watershed of 2020 and the anticipated wave of legalization coming in 2022. Read more In South Dakota, adult-use cannabis legalization advocates are racing to meet a Nov. 8 signature-gathering deadline as the state’s Supreme Court draws out its decision on the adult-use legalization measure that voters already approved one year ago. It’s a tangled web of uncertainties. Associate Editor Tony Lange has the story. Read more JPMorgan Chase & Co. has issued a letter to its prime brokerage clients informing them that they can no longer purchase certain U.S. cannabis-related securities. Read more Montana’s adult-use cannabis law prohibits licensees from growing and selling hemp, which means licensed cannabis businesses are also prohibited from producing and selling CBD products. Read more Louisiana will regulate delta-8 THC in food products as the state health department has started reviewing manufacturers’ and distributors’ plans, registering products, and issuing permits. Read more 

And elsewhere on the web, here are the stories we’ve been reading this week:

The Guardian: “Five years after cannabis legalization, California is awash with signs of an apparently booming industry. But behind the flashy facade, the legal weed industry remains far from the law-abiding, prosperous sector many had hoped for. In fact, it’s a mess.” Read more Rapid City Journal: Rapid City, S.D., gets its first medical dispensary as the state awaits a ruling on the expected adult-use market. Read more KWTV: “The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics says Oklahoma is now the number one black market supplier of illegal marijuana in the country.” Read more The Vermont Journal: Ludlow, Vt., shoots down cannabis retail. Read more KTVQ: Same goes for Billings, Mont., where voters rejected an adult-use retail opt-in provision on the ballot this week. Read more ]]>