Oklahoma Issues THC-O Acetate Contamination Advisory
KFOR Report
19 October 2021


The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) has issued a patient advisory after a medical cannabis product tested positive for THC-O-acetate.

The OMMA said its lab, Metis, detected the compound in a concentrate called Platinum OG, according to a local KFOR report.

State officials said THC-O-acetate has been shown to be harmful when added to other THC-containing products, and that the combination could lead to side effects such as seizures, difficulty speaking and vomiting, the news outlet reported.

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In a follow-up report, KFOR said OMMA is now looking into how the compound got into the batch of medical cannabis, as well as how many batches may be affected.

OMMA Communication Manager Kelsey Pagonis told the news outlet that the agency does not require testing for THC-O-acetate, and that officials were made aware of the situation when they received a complaint from a patient.

“We discovered that there was a product that tested positive for a compound called THC-O-acetate,” Pagonis told KFOR. “We don’t yet have that confirmed where it happened in the supply chain.”

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