In celebration of Father’s Day, C4 is launching a special promotion at all Shangri-La locations.

Beginning today, customers can purchase a Father’s Day bundle that includes an eighth of premium C4 flower, a 0.5-gram pre-roll, and 1 gram of C4’s Ice Water Hash at a 20% discount.

This offer is available to Shangri-La patrons until Tuesday, June 18.

Alongside this exciting promotion, C4 announced a few lineup new product drops as well as the return of some old favorites. The company’s latest offerings include Infused Pre-Rolls, Ice Water Hash, Five Pack Pre-Rolls, and the return of Diamonds and Sauce, each featuring popular cultivars and high-quality ingredients.

Infused Pre-Rolls

C4’s Infused Pre-Rolls, available in a 1-gram single pack, combine the company’s premium Clean Green® Certified flower with high THC ice water hash. Cultivars include Blue Dream, Bubba Fett, Orange Cookie Chem, and First Class Funk. These pre-rolls provide a convenient way to experience C4’s bestselling cultivars with added potency. The ice water hash, made from single cultivar buds, retains original terpene profiles for a more potent and flavorful experience. Each pre-roll is packed, rolled, and hand-finished to ensure an even burn and high quality.

Ice Water Hash

C4’s Ice Water Hash, sold in 1-gram sizes, offers cultivars like Orange Cookie Chem, Lemon Cookie OG, and Lemon Drip. This product is a solventless concentrate created through a careful process of sifting cannabis in ice water to preserve trichomes. The trichomes are collected, slow dried, and turned into bubble hash. This method results in a cleaner, more potent concentrate suitable for both experienced and new users.

Five Pack Pre-Rolls

The Five Pack Pre-Rolls, each containing five 0.5-gram joints, feature cultivars such as Blue Dream, Bubba Fett, Orange Cookie Chem, and Tropical Chem. Made from C4’s Clean Green® Certified flower and potent kief, these pre-rolls promise high THC content and quality. Using 98 mm Raw papers and tips, each pre-roll is hand-finished and quality checked by expert technicians to ensure a clean and natural smoking experience.

Diamonds and Sauce

After a brief hiatus, C4’s Diamonds and Sauce has returned, now more potent than ever. Available in 1-gram sizes, this concentrate is made from cold extracted live resin. The process results in THC crystals (diamonds) and high terpene extract sauce, creating a powerful and flavorful product. Cultivars include Blue Dream, Bubba Fett, Orange Cookie Chem, Jungle Pie, and Lemon Cookie OG. Produced entirely in-house at C4’s Carrollton headquarters, Diamonds and Sauce reflects C4’s commitment to quality and innovation in cannabis concentrates.


C4’s celebrating Dad and everyone else this week with these new releases, offering cannabis consumers in Missouri a variety of high-quality options to choose from.

Don’t miss out on the Father’s Day bundle promotion and the chance to explore C4’s latest offerings.

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