The Division of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) is facing another shakeup as Josh Stockman, Bureau Manager of the Bureau of Investigations & Enforcement, has abruptly left his position.

Stockman’s departure adds to a growing list of resignations and exits within the division, exacerbating the challenges DCR faces in managing its responsibilities while trying to expand and grow its team.

In recent months, DCR has been grappling with a higher-than-average turnover rate in key managerial and leadership positions, leaving its team stretched thin as it attempts to meet increasing demands. The division, which oversees compliance and enforcement of cannabis regulations, is now tasked with filling another critical role.

The impact of these personnel changes is significant, as each departure disrupts continuity and slows down the regulatory processes essential to the state’s burgeoning cannabis industry. As DCR continues to build its team, the challenge remains in maintaining a stable workforce to ensure regulatory compliance and support for licensees.

The departure of key figures and leaders underscores the difficulties faced by DCR in retaining experienced staff while trying to manage the complexities of the cannabis industry while simultaneously continuing to expand and build a team.

There are currently at least six vacant positions within the upper management or supervisory positions within DCR, according to DCR reporting and organizational information.

The division’s ability to address these challenges will be crucial for the stability and growth of cannabis regulation in the state.

All of this occurs as an election looms that could dictate even more changes on the horizon. Historically, newly elected governors tend to evaluate and reconfigure leadership and director positions within executive departments.

The Department of Health and Human Services has seen several changes in recent years with the departure of Dr. Randall Williams, the installation of Robert Knodell as interim Director, and the eventual appointment of Paula Nickelson to the Director position.

DCR, formerly the Section for Medical Marijuana Regulation, has also seen its Director position change in that time as Lyndall Fraker exited at the onset of adult use.

Since that time, Amy Moore has served as Director of DCR.

The ongoing turnover and impending election contribute to a period of uncertainty for DCR, making its efforts to stabilize and strengthen its team more critical than ever.

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