Sundro, the driving brand behind one of the most uniquely curated verticals in Missouri cannabis, has carved out a unique space with its dedicated and dynamic sales team.

A company built on a culture of positivity and autonomy sees success in a contentious market by offering a unique approach to sales and marketing.

Led by Christy Rayfield-Kosem, Director of Sales, the team is efficient in its scale because of the work of  Rayfield-Kosem, David Reduzzi, who covers the western part of the state, and Stefanie Zelsman, who manages the eastern region.

Their combined efforts have not only brought Sundro significant shelf space across the state but have also fostered a culture of close-knit teamwork and genuine customer relationships.

From the outset of legalized marijuana in Missouri, the Sundro sales team has faced the daunting task of navigating the state’s expansive and varied geography.

Christy Rayfield-Kosem

“David spends most of his time in Kansas City but also covers southwest areas like Springfield, Branson, Joplin, up to Rolla,” Christy explains. “Stef takes over Columbia, Jefferson City, the Lake of the Ozarks, all of the St. Louis metropolitan area, and down through Cape Girardeau.” Despite the vast territories and the countless miles traveled, David and Stefanie have embraced the challenges with enthusiasm. “A lot of windshield time, a lot of communication, but we get it done,” Reduzzi revealed.

The journey has not been without its quirks and memorable moments. From discovering new routes and staying in eclectic accommodations to amusing encounters with albino cows, an inside joke shared between the team about the discovery of all-white dairy cows by Zelsman during one of the team’s lengthy road trips; the group has shared experiences that have only strengthened their bond.

Stefanie’s light-hearted approach makes the road trips entertaining, bringing a sense of camaraderie and joy to their travels, while David’s relatability and flair make him engaging and dynamic to the team, as well as consumers and retail partners alike, “He definitely thinks outside of the box, which I love, and he puts things in perspective,” Zelsman said.

Sundro’s success is deeply rooted in the relationships they build.

“We try hard. It didn’t come easy at first, but we’ve navigated it. We found places we didn’t know existed and highways we didn’t know existed,” Christy noted.  “I think we are unique ain that it’s the 3 of us. And it’s always been just the 3 of us. We like to consider ourselves small but mighty.”

Their dedication to forming genuine connections with their customers is a cornerstone of their strategy. Unlike many competitors, Sundro does not employ brand ambassadors. Instead, Christy, David, and Stefanie are the face of the brand, ensuring consistency and authenticity in their interactions.

Stefanie Zelsman

“If something’s happening, we’re doing it,” she continued. “It’s unique in the space, in that we do we know all of our customers and we help each other out,” Christy emphasized.”David’s customers aren’t just his. They’re Stephanie’s and mine as well.”

This team-oriented approach has created a unique sales family that prioritizes mutual support and collaboration. “We look at other companies sometimes and we talk about the fluidity and the transitions that happen and people working in pop-ups next to us one week, but then another company the next, or there’s a new brand ambassador the next week, and the messages get cloudy sometimes and the representation of the products gets cloudy,” she explained.

For David and Stefanie, who were new to sales when first joining Sundro, this experience has been particularly enriching. David attributes their success to the supportive culture of the company.

“It’s a growing industry, but it is a small industry. It’s very tight-knit. The relationships we’ve built, the culture from top to bottom, it’s all about solid teamwork,” he said.

Stefanie adds, “We’re constantly evolving, educating budtenders, and showing them what makes us OGs. We’ve been around since medical, and our integrity shows in our work.”

Their unique position in the market, with only three salespeople handling the entire state, offers distinct advantages. “We keep our finger on the pulse,” said David. “We’re well connected with our cultivation team and the ordering process. We follow up with dispensaries and have great relationships with budtenders, managers, and purchasers.” This hands-on approach ensures they stay current and responsive in an ever-changing environment.

David Reduzzi

Christy sums up the essence of their success, “It’s given us a lot of insurance. We ensure the integrity of how we’re represented and the true stories are told. People buy from us because they know they can call any of us directly. We’re efficient at solving problems and navigating issues.”

As the Missouri cannabis market continues to grow, the Sundro team remains committed to their principles. “We are always literally and figuratively growing,” said Christy. “We maintain our relationships, continue to be knowledgeable, and stay friendly with our competition.” David echoes this sentiment, emphasizing their focus on staying relevant and building partnerships.

In a market where turnover is high, the stability and dedication of Sundro’s sales team stand out. Their ability to adapt, connect, and consistently deliver has made them a formidable force in the Missouri cannabis industry.

“We’re a tight-knit, close family,” David. “We’re a bright light in the cannabis community,” added Stefanie.

With a motto of “life on the bright side,” Sundro’s sales team continues to shine brightly, paving the way for sustained success in an increasingly competitive market.

Sundro is part of OG Yields; also home to atta, Bad Pony, and Hippos.

Brandon Dunn contributed to this article.

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