The Missouri State Auditor’s Office (SAO) will soon be reaching out to all marijuana licensees as part of an ongoing audit of the Missouri Marijuana Program, according to an email sent on Tuesday.

The email, sent by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services’ Division of Cannabis Regulation, informed licensees about an upcoming survey conducted by the SAO. This survey aims to gather feedback from those involved in the state’s marijuana industry to help improve the program’s processes.

“Your individual responses will be kept confidential, considered auditor work product, and will not be shared with the DCR or the DHSS. Only the SAO will receive and review your responses,” the email reads.

The email emphasized the importance of participation, noting that the survey is a critical component of the SAO’s efforts to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Missouri Marijuana Program.

Further details regarding the survey and participation instructions will be provided directly from the SAO.

The Missouri Marijuana Program has been under scrutiny since its inception, and this audit represents another step toward transparency for the program and regulators.

Licensees are encouraged to watch for the forthcoming survey and contribute their insights to aid in the program’s continuous improvement.

For more information, licensees can contact the Missouri State Auditor’s Office or the Division of Cannabis Regulation.

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