The Missouri Division of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) has introduced a new initiative designed to bridge the gap between Missouri’s marijuana industry and state regulators.

DCR announced the formation of the Missouri Cannabis Regulation Collaborative (MCRC) in an email circulated to licensees on Tuesday.

The MCRC will serve as a work group composed of licensees and regulators, its primary focus being fortifying relationships, addressing industry challenges, and facilitating the exchange of critical information. This initiative responds to feedback from various licensees who have advocated for more collaborative platforms to interact with regulators and fellow licensees.

“This collaborative will be a working group for licensees and regulators to strengthen relationships, discuss challenges, problem solve, and share information and knowledge to pursue our mutual goal of a safe and successful cannabis program,” said Amy Moore, Director of the Division of Cannabis Regulation. “The emphasis of the collaborative will be to work on big picture topics surrounding the cannabis industry, such as drug rescheduling impacts, statewide and programmatic planning, market conditions, Farm Bill revisions, and more.”

The application process is open to owners, operators, compliance managers, or other leadership representatives within licensed facilities. Each license can only be represented by one individual, and groups of licensees with common ownership or management are similarly limited. The selection process aims to ensure a diverse and comprehensive representation of the state’s cannabis industry.

The Collaborative will consist of up to 30 members, including representatives from various license types and regions across Missouri.

The selection committee comprises the DCR Public Outreach Director, a representative from the DCR Program Development Unit, the Section for Patient and Application Services, and an unassociated member of the DHSS staff.

Collaborative members will commit to a two year term with approximately six virtual meetings annually, and potentially up to two in-person workshops in Jefferson City.

Applications for the Collaborative opened June 4  and will close June 18.


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