Greenlight’s Springfield dispensary hosted a grand opening event at their Greenlight Garage last weekend, featuring an underground farmer’s market experience on 4/20 – bringing consumers straight to the faces of the companies behind the products they use.

Entering the parking lot, Greenlight Garage greeted visitors with food trucks and the hustle and bustle of employees directing parking to get everyone in to get their hands on products as quickly as possible, all to the pulsing melody of the DJ inside faintly humming from the building.

We were able to catch up with Ashley Frazier-Osburn about Greenlight, the launch of Greenlight Garage, and the concept of the cannabis farmers market.

We asked some burning questions and scoped out the Garage, which featured Missouri brands like Flora Farms, Sundro, Atta, Heliocentric, Rove, and more.

atta display | Danielle Million


What is a cannabis farmers market?

So the vendors themselves get to sell directly to the patients versus us trying to explain other brands to them. So it’s just a better quality experience for a customer and for regular patients to meet them face to face.

What are you most excited about for what’s to come for Missouri recreation, farmers market, Greenlight, etc?

Just keep conquering the world. Legalization, banking acts – the day that banking acts go through will be just the best day ever. Just watching everything grow so fast, so big, and it’s been so exciting. AndI don’t even know what else it just feels exciting!

We’re out selling other markets, and we’re the market to watch, which is the most exciting about it. I’m so proud of the state of Missouri and how it has been a team with the actual marijuana companies versus us being at odds. In other states, they’re not friendly. They’re trying to find your mistakes so they can get you out. Whereas Missouri, they’re hand in hand with you. Rooting for you like, “Let’s make this be the best we can.” I hope that other states that are coming online, look more into ours. And luckily, I think with as successful as we have been as a state, I think more states will model towards our setup.

Greenlight Garage | Danielle Million


How has Greenlight done in Springfield compared to the other cities? In growth, sales, etc.

We were number one in medical sales for Missouri – we killed it! Our store alone signed up almost everyone in Greene County for their medical cards. We were cranking out medical cards to get those patients in here. Because of this, it didn’t change that much [when cannabis became legalized] for Springfield as much just because we’re an hour away from the state line.

What do you hope people get out of a cannabis farmers market that they haven’t gotten to experience before?

Experiencing speaking to the vendors themselves. No one else [in the industry] does this, where you can have a true one-on-one. They’re selling directly to you, the consumer and they can tell you exactly what’s in the product. Also, it’s just really an anomaly that it’s a party in here. Yeah, nobody else is doing a full party and they’re on their sales floor.

Flora Farms display | Danielle Million


What’s your favorite product at the farmers market?

We’re selling the rest of our Connoisseur Packs right now! There are four different strains, they are not marked so it’s a blind test. Every single strain has its own QR code and you can vote for which one is your favorite. You get a cute little card and do the QR codes where you can complete a critique on every strain. It’s from the Cannbis Cult and they’re keeping track of all the scores. Whoever wins receives a cool title belt like the WWE champion title belt.

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