HiGH FiVE is setting new standards with the introduction of their high potency line of STiRiBLES, aimed at meeting the evolving needs of their consumer base. Since its debut in the summer of 2023, STiRiBLES has captured the attention of cannabis enthusiasts, primarily due to its versatility and potency options. “Our consumers are great with feedback, and we always love hearing it! I think a few of the biggest things we’ve heard from our customers are that they want a higher potency and they love how creative they can get with this product,” explained Dallas Henderson, Marketing Manager at Teal, highlighting how user feedback directly influences product development.

Henderson and Teal CEO Adolphus Busch recently shared insights into the development and success of STiRiBLES ahead of the launch of the HiGH PoTENCY line.

Busch detailed the strategic rollout, “We were always planning to launch high potency options and ratio options,” he said. “Because of that incredible consumer feedback, we realized early on that we would need to have a high potency at some point. That time is now and we think people are going to enjoy them. Now, having the 5mg and the 25mg we’re able to cater to different user tolerance levels and user experiences.”

With higher potency products comes the increased responsibility of ensuring consumer safety. “Consumer safety is very important to us. We are actively training dispensaries on our products and how to consume them properly,” Henderson told Greenway. This focus on education and interaction has been one of the backbones of the HiGH FiVE brand since its introduction into the state. One of the most consistently visible brands, the team at HiGH FiVE has built relationships in person with dispensaries, staff, and consumers around the state lending time to go beyond promotion but on helping both vendors and consumers to truly understand the products available at retail.

With STiRiBLES, much of that interaction has been around the many different ways that the product can be used and incorporated.

“That is why I love STiRiBLES so much,” Henderson echoed. “The creativity you can have with the product is so fun. A lot of users will put them in their coffee or tea. I’ve seen groups put STiRiBLES in their queso dip while they’re out enjoying dinner. I know, myself, I have put it in soup and cereal! The possibilities are endless for cannabis consumers, and it offers a unique way for them to consume.”

Dallas Henderson | HiGH FiVE

As consumer expectations evolve, so does the product strategy of HiGH FiVE. Now, after a successful initial launch of the STiRiBLES line, the team brings its high potency product to retail.

Introducing a high-potency option for STiRiBLES will continue to help push us in the right direction in the market. With most edible product lines, we know we need to create several SKUs to attract consumers with different cannabis tolerances and consumption preferences. Offering this option allows us to stay competitive and look towards the future with other ratioed options,” Henderson said.

In addition to the products containing a significantly higher dosage per serving, consumers will be delighted to find that the producers of HiGH FiVE have scaled up the packaging as well. Moving from 10 to 20 packs per unit while simultaneously increasing the potency is a significant shift for the brand.

If you look at our gummy packages for HiGH FiVE, we are one of few edible companies that offers 20 gummies in a pack and I think we really wanted to package STiRiBLES the same way. The decision to move from 10 to 20 was a no-brainer once we understood operational efficiencies, production equipment, and what the consumer wants. We wanted to understand those processes, but the plan was always to move to 20 packs,” Henderson explained.

“We will be receiving our new stick pack filling machine within the month which will allow us to automate the filling process and simultaneously increase servings and total potency in each pack,” Busch said.

“The stick packs will be very similar to the lemonade additive stick packs for water. It will allow users an easier experience on the go.” Henderson stated. And with a product as diverse as STiRiBLES, convenience and ease of use become pivotal focal points.

The launch of STiRiBLES high potency line isn’t the end of the line by any means. As Busch hinted at previously, HiGH FiVE will bring new ratio SKUs to market. “Launching high-potency STiRiBLES is opening the door for us to be able to offer other options in the STiRiBLES line like ratioed CBG, CBN, CBD, and even move into a flavored option,” Henderson told us. But the innovation never stops at HiGH FiVE.

“We’re always looking for new, innovative ways to spark that excitement in consumers. We go a lot off of what consumers talk about wanting and that specific feedback, but we also look to other areas in the country where cannabis is legalized for inspiration on what we could do next,” Henderson beamed.

While Teal and HiGH FiVE are some of the state’s most widely recognized manufacturers, the team has a mentality rooted in craft and responsiveness.

“I answer all our website emails,” Busch said. “Customer service is one of our top values at Teal Labs and our dispensary partners and consumers have come to realize that. Between the direct feedback via our website, internal sample feedback, sample feedback from our dispensary partners, and focus groups, we are able to make changes that the broader consumer base is asking for. These studies have absolutely shaped what we launch here at Teal Labs.”

We will get creative with our flavors for specific use cases, but we will have 2-3 flavors that remain on the menu at all times that will be specifically for infusing into water for flavor,” Busch added.


That creativity and responsiveness to consumer feedback will be an integral part of the STiRiBLES story as competitors like Ripple and Sprinkle have started to roll out in Missouri.

“Having the high potency will be a huge step in staying competitive with these other two brands coming into the Missouri market,” Henderson stated. “But I also think being present in the local markets and at events is where we have the most connections with consumers on our products. We talked about creativity with how to use STiRiBLES, but it’s the same for how to market it. We want to continue to participate in events around Missouri where we can bring in our Mocktail bar or partner with local chefs on infused dinners, powered by STiRiBLES, of course.”

For Busch and the team behind HiGH FiVE, that personal interaction is a huge part of the brand ethos. Local identity plays a significant role in the brand strategy of HiGH FiVE. As a Missouri-based company, it leverages its local roots to enhance consumer trust and authenticity while remaining engaged.

Being a locally owned and operated company, our team is based in Missouri and is out in the market more than most national brands that are in the market through a licensing deal with a Missouri licensed entity,” Busch explained. “Our team is out in the field training dispensary staff and doing pop-ups at events to educate consumers in each community throughout the state. Retail staff and consumers understand we are local, know we focus on quality, and can rest assured that we are producing products with their best intentions in mind.”

He continued, “We are focused on educating budtenders on our brands and products this year. Most of our marketing budget is dedicated to budtender appreciation events where they can mingle with our team and learn more about our products.”

Adolphus Busch | HiGH FiVE

Henderson reiterated the importance of being a homegrown cannabis brand in the Show-Me State, “Being from Missouri is always engrained in everything we do. From sourcing fresh frozen flower to sourcing printing from local vendors, we do our best to really bring it back to Missouri every time.”

“With so many products out in the market today, customers have so many options and choices. Some may not know what to choose and then base their decision on who is local to Missouri or a small business. To some newer patients, locality may not be a contributing factor in their purchase. But, for experienced cannabisseurs it could make a big difference. STiRiBLES is one of 3 of its kind in the market right now and we’re the only ones who are from Missouri. We have a strong consumer base that’s constantly growing and with our constant marketing efforts behind STiRiBLES, that brand recognition is there and growing,” she explained.

As HiGH FiVE continues to navigate the crowded legal marijuana market in Missouri, their focus on consumer feedback, safety, and innovative product development positions them as

leaders in the industry. Their strategic decisions not only reflect a deep understanding of market dynamics but also a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of their consumers. With STiRiBLES, they are not just selling a product; they are enhancing the cannabis consumption experience, making it safer, more enjoyable, and accessible to a broader audience.

I believe STiRiBLES is the future of cannabis beverages,” Busch stated. “Beverages are large, heavy, hard to distribute, and take up a lot of room in dispensary vaults. STiRiBLES are so versatile and can be added to your favorite drink easily and efficiently.”


The future ahead of Teal and HiGH FiVE is based firmly in the idea of constant progress and perpetual motion. The team and vision don’t allow for long stalls once a destination has been reached, because there’s always another stop just ahead.

“We are looking to expand into retail this year. Our product lines will continue to grow and we will follow market trends and innovate along the way. This market is becoming tough to operate in as a standalone MIP so our current initiative is to grow our licensure, specifically in retail. From there, we will be looking to expand our brands into other markets through contract manufacturing deals and licensure in other states,” Busch concluded.

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