Grön (pronounced grewn), the acclaimed woman-led producer of delicious, handcrafted cannabis-infused edibles, today announced the expansion of their beloved MEGA and Sugar-Coated Pearls product lines in Missouri, with the introduction of a new 5-pack and 10-pack option of their best-selling MEGA edibles, and 30 milligram Sugar-Coated Pearls, available at retail dispensaries starting on April 4, 2024. The introduction of MEGA packs and higher-dose Sugar-Coated Pearls cater to a diverse range of tolerance levels, addressing Missouri’s increasing demand for higher potency edibles at the lowest price point.

“We’re thrilled to introduce our MEGA 5-Pack, MEGA 10-Pack, and 30mg Pearls to consumers across Missouri,” said Christine Smith, Founder and CEO of Grön. “We pride ourselves on always listening to our customers and incorporating that feedback as we continue to innovate and find new ways to make sure they’re getting products that fit into their lifestyles. In Missouri,
the consumers clearly asked for higher THC options, and we are happy to deliver something we’re sure they’re going to enjoy. We’ve streamlined the shopping experience for our MEGA
and Pearls customers: Buy more at a time, and save more on each gummy. We’re passionate about providing value for cost savings to our customers.”

The new MEGA packs contain either 5 or 10 larger-than-life MEGAs totaling 500 or 1,000 mgs of THC per package, respectively. Bursting with natural fruit flavors and infused with cannabis extract, Grön’s MEGAs are five times larger than their standard 10mg Sugar-Coated Pearls. The heavyweight champion of edibles weighs in at nearly a half pound per 10-pack, or a quarter pound per 5-pack. The original MEGA is a single-piece sugar-coated gummy with 100mg THC – the perfect grab-and-go edible for anyone looking for a high dose of THC in a small package. Made with real fruit and infused with pure, full-spectrum cannabis oil, MEGAs are gluten-free and soy-free. Flavors include: Cherry Limeade, Passion Orange Guava (POG), and Lemonade. Beloved by Grön enthusiasts, the original 10 mg Sugar-Coated Pearls have long been a hallmark of the brand’s exquisite product line. The new 30mg Sugar-Coated Pearls deliver a total of 300mg THC per bag. With flavors and ratios meticulously curated to perfection, consumers can savor a symphony of taste sensations, including: Raspberry, Lemonade, and Watermelon.

“Missouri’s embrace has been overwhelming, earning us recognition for best edible brand and gummy,” said Samuel Soong, Chief Revenue Officer at Grön. “We’re launching our high-dose MEGA packs and 300mg Pearls because it’s not just about edibles; it’s about turning the everyday into something extraordinary. This is our craft and commitment to you.”

The expansion of Grön’s product line further solidifies the brand’s commitment to innovation and consumer satisfaction. As recreational markets mature, consumers are looking for higher-dose
product options. These new product options provide consumers with high-potency edibles at the lowest price point available.
From MEGAs to Pips, Grön’s specially formulated edibles are available in a variety of mouthwatering flavors, forms, and dosage levels. To learn more about their entire range of edible products visit

About Grön

Grön is one of North America’s largest producers of adult-use cannabis-infused edibles. Our passionate team of seasoned executives, chocolatiers, and confectioners come from all over the world and every walk of life, joining together to create something beautifully delicious for you. Our ingredients are organic, single-origin, Fair Trade Certified, and locally sourced whenever possible. Product offerings include Sugar-Coated Pearls, MEGAs, cannabis-infused chocolate, and Pips. Since inception, Grön has led the cannabis edibles category with a vast selection of expanding product lines. Though our foundation is artisan chocolate, product innovation continues to shape our offerings in markets hungry for something new. Grön cannabis edibles are available in Arizona, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, and across Canada, with multiple new markets added by the end of 2024. For more information, visit

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