Wherehouse Beverage Co. Launches All-New COUNTDOWN 10-mg THC-Infused Energy Drinks

Wherehouse Beverage Co., makers of WYNK  and COUNTDOWN cannabis-infused beverages, is excited to launch a brand-new addition to the COUNTDOWN family: COUNTDOWN ENERGY, a 10mg, hemp-derived THC energy drink infused with 100mg of caffeine.

“This award-winning combination of caffeine and THC in COUNTDOWN ENERGY provides a great buzz for a wide variety of occasions, from a fun night out without the next-morning hangover, to an energizing and euphoric kickstart to gaming session or outdoor sport,”  says co-founder and CEO Angus Rittenburg.

These all-natural, lightly carbonated drinks are sweetened with cane sugar and contain less than 50 calories per can. COUNTDOWN ENERGY drinks take effect in 10-15 minutes, and consumers can expect the buzz to last up to 90 minutes. 100 mg caffeine is equal to the amount in one cup of coffee or standard energy drink, but with added THC to make for a slightly euphoric and energizing sensation.

The three COUNTDOWN ENERGY flavors include:

Berry Force Energy: A Cosmic Collision of Raspberry, Cherry and Lime
Cosmic Lemonade Energy: An Out-Of-This-World Lemonade
Orange Blast Energy: Interstellar Orange Sherbert

COUNTDOWN ENERGY THC beverages offer a unique alternative to both alcohol and energy drink consumption. In low doses, THC beverages can provide a milder, more controlled buzz similar to alcohol but without the adverse effects associated with excessive drinking. THC drinks also offer a customizable experience, allowing users to adjust their dosage and tailor their high to their preferences. With the combination of caffeine, COUNTDOWN ENERGY aims to provide thrilling, yet functional experiences. While COUNTDOWN products have been available in dispensaries since 2022, COUNTDOWN ENERGY 10/100mg will be more widely available for retail purchase in OhioMassachusettsMinnesota, and New Jersey in early April and online in 23 states. Find complete availability at https://countdowndrink.com/.

COUNTDOWN, part of the Wherehouse Beverage Co. family, is a line of precise, mid-to-high dose THC-infused beverages sold in liquor-licensed retail and dispensary channels. Offering unparalleled consumer control with precision dosing, variety of fun and nostalgic flavors and fast-acting effects, all three flavors of COUNTDOWN ENERGY received the bronze medal in the 2024 L.A. High Spirits Awards. Learn more at countdowndrink.com.

Founded in 2020, Wherehouse Beverage Co. is a next-generation beverage company working strictly with naturally occurring THC derived from hemp and marijuana plants to develop safe products that meet the emerging lifestyle needs of consumers. The company’s best-selling THC beverage brands, COUNTDOWN and Clio-Award winning WYNK, are expertly crafted using nanoemulsion technology and precision dosing to create a predictably smooth onset and experience. The Wherehouse Beverage Co. team is committed to leading the way in creating a responsible, trustworthy infused beverages industry. For more information, please visit whbev.co.


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