Women are incredibly special, especially women in the cannabis industry. The ladies of Plume and Lake Water Cannabis are talented, traveled, and terrific!

Starting off with the Distribution and Logistics manager Kayla Vessman.

Kayla Vessman

Kayla got her start when she applied to a listing she saw on Indeed. “I didn’t think it was real at first and had even skipped the first interview.” The person who did the Operations Management at the time, ended up giving her the opportunity of a lifetime. Kayla would become Latitude’s General Manager which would supply her with the skills needed to oversee all the brands imports and exports. When asked, “Who is a woman who inspires you?”  The answer she provided was so kind. “Mo Muzzey inspires me because she was one of the first women I personally saw in the Missouri industry. She was doing amazing things with Sinse Cannabis and that really inspired me to want to be in the industry doing my best.” I asked Kayla, “So what do you like to do when you aren’t at work?” Fishing, cooking, and raising her awesome kids were her hobbies. The last question was a two-parter, what is your goal in the industry and where would you like to see the company go? Her answer was lovely; she would like to see a Latitude dispensary and the Plume & Lake Water brands in every state! Thus providing good cannabis to make people happy!

Next, we have the Packaging Manager Cadence Meeks.

Cadence Meeks

She moved to Missouri with her partner in 2023 without intentions of working in the industry. “Plume is actually my first job in cannabis”, she said. Once she started learning a little bit about it, she was instantly enamored. Cadence started working part time with the brands at first and then moved to a full time position in the fall when she became immersed in the packaging side. She has loved getting to be involved with the industry and says she has gotten to experience some awesome opportunities because of cannabis. When Cadence isn’t at her cannabis job, she’s busy being an intensely busy lady. She is a photographer AND she runs a small business. Her small business is an online vintage shop (@shopfullcircle). She loves styling her friends, keeping up with fashion news, and photographing still lifes in her kitchen. If Cadence was not in cannabis, her dream job would be in an art direction. Preferably for a fashion editorial. This brings us to the woman that inspires Cadence the most. Nadia Lee Cohen is an art director that she highly admires. Nadia’s work is wonderfully inspiring and Cadence has been following her career for years. “Seeing her succeed and grow in her field is something that motivates me to stick with and pursue what I love.” Cadence is the packaging manager at our facility. Her hope for Lake Water and Plume is she would love to see the brands continue to grow. “Our growth already is so exciting, but it’s my goal to bring quality products to every corner of Missouri.” When asked what her goal in the cannabis industry is, she replied; “My goal is to just keep educating myself, as much as possible. I really want to know how to make every single product we offer and know the process from start to finish. I’d really also love to get into cannabis product photography.”

Our Pre-Roll team lead is Michelle Eling.

Michelle Elling

Michelle got into the cannabis industry because it’s always been a part of her adult life. She has always been an advocate for cannabis. When she was in college twenty years ago she wrote papers no the benefits and advocated for its legalization. She said, “I still can’t believe I not only get to be in a time of legalization I also get to make a living wage making cannabis products every day.” Michelle is our Pre-Roll Production Team Lead. When asked where she would like to see the brands go she replied: “Our company has expanded in six months. We went from being in one dispensary to being in so many I can’t even name them all!” Her goal for the brand is to go nationwide with a niche product! “I love that our suggestions are taken seriously because we all have such noteworthy ideas!” In her off time, Michelle enjoys doing landscape photography and trying to get lost on purpose; stopping along the way to capture candids and unique experiences along the way. Maya Angelou inspires her because she took things for what they were. Also Amy Schumer.

Next, we have Jayme Epple.

Jayme Epple

Jayme got into the cannabis industry because she too became interested in what her partner did.  She works in packaging as well and would love for Plume & Lake Water to be in every dispensary in Missouri. She also just wants to see the brand thrive and become more involved where she can. Her goal in the cannabis industry is to learn as much as possible to just be incredibly educated. “Education is so important in all aspects of cannabis whether its growing, production, or packaging. There’s specific reasons for everything and that requires educating yourself on why.” When Jayme is not at work, she can be found lost in the forest camping or hiking with her family. If she wasn’t in cannabis, she would be in some sort of managerial position. Jayme has amazing project managing skills and loves to help businesses better themselves. She loved influencing and inspiring her peers. When asked who is a woman who inspires you she answered, “All the women in my family, they’ve each been through their own life-changing struggles and always come out on top and stronger than ever.”

Rachel Cooper is Plume and Lake Water’s Extraction Assistant.

Rachel Cooper

She has six years of growing both industrially and personally. Prior to being in cannabis she worked in corrections. She had a friend tell her about a security officer position opening but she didn’t know it was for a major cannabis brand’s grow facility. She took the job and shortly after transferred to cultivation herself. She worked in cultivation for two years and then grew for herself. She is Plume’s Extraction Technician Assistant. Rachel enjoys working in our Distillate Lab most of the time and in her off time she floats around the facility helping anyone who needs the help. Her goal in the cannabis industry is to advocate for destigmatization and federal legalization. She says “I’m incredibly passionate about people who are incarcerated for cannabis. I really don’t think a plant should make you an incarcerated prisoner.” When Rachel isn’t mixing up the gold at work she’s living her best life outside.  She enjoys hiking, camping, and fishing. Music and going to concerts are her main hobbies though. When I asked Rachel what woman inspires her, she replied. “My mom. She is my only constant stable through my whole life.” If Rachel wasn’t in the cannabis industry she would love to own her own bar and grill.

Finally, that brings us to me, Jessica Frank.

I am on the Pre-Roll team, my specialty is tucking blunts. I got into the industry by being a medical patient first. I reviewed my medical purchases on Instagram and after about a year, I started applying to jobs on Indeed. My goal for the company is to produce the most quality products with amazing cannabis and even more wonderful people. I would love to see a Latitude in every state and the Plume/Lake Water brands in every dispensary in the United States. My goal in the cannabis industry is to provide accurate and educational information to the public. Along with destigmatizing cannabis use for parents, specifically disabled parents. I love the marketing and media side of the industry as well and enjoy providing short-form content to brands I love! If I were not in the cannabis industry, I would absolutely pursue Marketing & Media. That’s a whole different level of art that makes my heart sing. Or being a stay-at-home mom which I did for two years prior. It’s incredibly hard to pick just one woman who inspires me. However, Cecilia who goes by @her_name_is_cecilia on Instagram would be my top pick. She has experienced so much in her life. She helps people understand how to use cannabis for medication, advocates for destigmatization of cannabis, and runs a marketing agency. She is incredible! On my off time I enjoy spending time with my daughter, hiking, camping with my best friend, and enjoying art.

All of the ladies at Plume & Lake Water Cannabis are inspiring, strong, and amazing ladies. We work hard and love what we do, I hope you enjoyed our introduction to you!

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