Sinse Cannabis, one of Missouri’s most recognized marijuana brands, has announced the launch of SINSE FIRE, an infused preroll combining high-quality flower and cured wax for a potent and enjoyable smoking experience. Available statewide this week, Greenway spoke to Katelynn Moore, Director of Manufacturing, about what went into creating FIRE.

“It’s fire flower and fire wax, hence the name! It’s about pairing the highest quality of both for a delicious and potent experience,” explained Moore.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Sinse FIRE infused prerolls feature Sophie’s Breath and Jungle Cookies flower, complemented by Blueberry Muffin Cured Wax. This carefully selected mix ensures a premium experience with every use.

“We want to deliver a solid pre-roll that will hit for all smokers new and seasoned,” Moore continued. “While we aren’t currently settled on any set crosses of flower & wax, we are settled on the inputs always being quality. Does it look good, smell good, and hit good? Then it’ll probably feel good, too. Good inputs equal good outputs….or as the old saying goes…fire in, fire out.”

Sinse FIRE is distinguished by its composition, containing one-third gram of wax and two-thirds gram of flower, all rolled into a 1g product.

Priced at $20, Sinse FIRE is designed to be accessible while offering unmatched quality.

One of the key innovations behind Sinse FIRE is the use of cured wax, which facilitates an even distribution throughout the flower, ensuring a consistent and smooth smoking experience. “This pre-roll goes through our automated pre-roll machine, so it’s important that it mixes evenly throughout the flower, as well as flows and fills evenly and consistently,” Moore stated, underscoring the company’s commitment to creating a reliable uniform experience for consumers.

In an increasingly competitive infused preroll market, Sinse FIRE aims to set itself apart from the competition by offering a product that is not only of high quality but also versatile. Unlike other prerolls that may feature terpene-infused papers or are coated in distillate and kief, SINSE FIRE provides a pure, potent experience, Moore explains. “We haven’t seen many taking this route. Sinse FIRE is 1g of quality product, a cigarette-style roll homogenized with wax.”

As consumers increasingly seek out premium cannabis experiences, Sinse FIRE is poised to become a new favorite among those who appreciate quality and consistency.

Sinse FIRE launched last week in limited releases and will be available statewide by March 22.

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