Missouri’s marijuana market has experienced significant growth the first full year since the state legalized adult use marijuana.

Adult use sales launched in a shortened February 2023. In the time since, Missouri dispensaries have sold more than $1.5 billion worth of marijuana, with adult use accounting for more than $1.2 billion of that total.

In February 2024, recreational marijuana sales reached $98.3 million, up nearly $3.5 million from January at $94.8 million.

Medical cannabis sales also saw a slight uptick, moving from $15 million in January to $15.1 million the following month, but combined medical marijuana sales from January and February 2024 do not reach the total medical sales of either January or February 2023. ($37 million and $31.2 million respectively)

Total sales for February reached $113.4 million, an increase 3.28% over prior month with the state seeing +$100 million in legal marijuana sales for the 13th consecutive month.

Missouri cumulative marijuana sales in millions | Greenway

Total sales for the first two months of 2024 amount to $223.2 million, with $193.1 million attributed to recreational and $30.1 million to medical.

Cumulative marijuana sales dating back to October 2020 now sit at over $2.16 billion.

Looking back at 2023, the year the state transitioned to legalizing adult use marijuana, the market dynamics have remained relatively consistent for adult use sales since the first full month of sales in March 2023, which totaled $93.5 million, while medical sales have slipped to less than half of their starting point at $37 million in January 2023.

Looking at current sales and prior year trends, it appears Missouri may have found a relative resting point at $15 million for medical sales.

Missouri is currently projected to bring in approximately $1.4 billion in total marijuana sales in 2024.

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