The Missouri Division of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) recently issued a new guidance document regarding the inclusion of mandatory reporting of Vitamin E Acetate testing results.

The guidance, dated March 7, educates licensees on reporting for product tested prior to the implementation of required Vitamin E Acetate (VEA) testing which began March 1.

Previously, testing for VEA was not required.

For tests conducted before March 1, 2024, where VEA was not included due to a waiver, the DCR has directed testing licensees to enter a “zero” in the Metrc system for the VEA analyte. Additionally, a note must be added: “Analyte not tested due to Vitamin E Waiver and Variance – Dec. 27, 2023,” clarifying the reason for the absence of testing.

From March 1 forward, all samples collected for mandatory testing are to include VEA screening results.

DCR has advised testing licensees with questions or in need of clarification on the new requirements to reach out to their compliance officer.

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