In a significant move towards public safety and uniform industry practices, DIZPOT, a trailblazer in cannabis packaging, has voiced their support for the regulatory milestones in both Missouri and ArizonaMissouri’s Senate Bill 984 The Intoxicating Cannabinoid Control Act (ICCA) paves the way for heightened safety measures in the booming Missouri cannabis market. Embracing the ICCA’s vision, DIZPOT salutes the Missouri Senate Judiciary and Jurisprudence Committee for the unanimous support of SB 984 and anticipates the House’s approval for House Bill 1781 on Thursday, February 29th which if passed, could redefine cannabis safety in Missouri.

This major initiative led by MOCANN, together with prominent license holders in the state, is championing the passage of House Bill 1781 that would ensure all intoxicating cannabinoid products undergo rigorous testing and adhere to the same packaging standards that apply to legal cannabis products. Additionally, the sale of these products would be exclusively limited to licensed establishments, ensuring safety for consumers.

A Stance Reinforced by Action and Advocacy

This advocacy is hardly a departure from DIZPOT’s historical positions. In Arizona, the recent opposition to House Bill 2679, spearheaded by the Arizona Dispensaries Association (ADA), set a precedent for consumer protection against unregulated synthetic cannabinoid products entering non-licensed establishments. John Hartsell, DIZPOT’s Co-Founder and CEO, stood firm with many legal license holders such as Arizona Natural Concepts, The Giving Tree, and Noble Herb to keep the market ethically grounded and the products safety-focused. “Safety is the seed from which all our initiatives grow,” states DIZPOT, echoing its commitment to consumer trust.

Alongside the ADA and a coalition of supporters, DIZPOT celebrates having successfully achieved the opposition of House Bill 2679. The collaborative success signifies a win for consumer protection and underlines the need for continued vigilance against similar bills like SB1186, which, if passed, might open doors to the continuation of untested, unregulated synthetic cannabinoids being sold in unlicensed establishments and endangering minors.

“Arizona Dispensaries Association works with more than 80% of all license holders in the state to advocate for safe use. Unregulated intoxicating hemp products are not lab tested or overseen by the state. We continue to educate legislators and consumers on the dangers of these products, and data from both the Phoenix and Tucson Arizona Drug and Poison Centers proves it,” said Ann Torrez, executive director of the Arizona Dispensaries Association.

This engagement comes amidst warnings from health professionals about the dangers of synthetic cannabinoids, often presented as safe and targeted toward younger demographics through deceptive candy-like packaging. In the wake of alarming statistics from Banner Poison and Drug Information Center, showing a rise in children’s exposure to cannabis, the emphasis on the importance of keeping rigorous market standards has never been stronger. Against the backdrop of the 2018 Farm Bill, DIZPOT has consistently highlighted the necessity for clear standards and regulations towards Delta-8 THC, the company is committed to ending illicit market loopholes that can risk the health of consumers and the youth.

DIZPOT’s commitment to safety, coupled with their business acumen, has cemented their stance. “We firmly believe that cannabis should be regulated to safeguard our communities while respecting the right of adults to responsibly enjoy its benefits,” CEO and Co-Founder of DIZPOT John Hartsell remarked. “This bill posed a dire threat to consumer health and to the reputation of the industry we are all working so hard to build.”

Forward Together

As legislative deliberations progress in both states, DIZPOT reaffirms its position as an advocate for responsible regulation and public health. The company stands united with lawmakers, industry leaders, and the broader community to forge a cannabis industry that honors transparency, safety, and the enduring trust of consumers.


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