Puffco, the leading maker of innovative consumption devices for cannabis concentrates, today announced the release of its latest limited-edition colorway “Flourish.” To celebrate the Flourish Collection and the diverse talent of the community, Puffco has partnered with artists to create their own custom pieces for the Peak Pro and Proxy, all using the same Smokey Green Satin glass.

“Cannabis culture has grown for thousands of years against all odds, and continues to thrive and expand in modern times despite decades of societal efforts against it,” said Roger Volodarsky, CEO and Founder of Puffco. “The Flourish name acknowledges the years of dedication and growth for cannabis and hash, while also being a reminder to keep growing, treating every obstacle as an opportunity.”

Puffco will have highly limited curation of functional pieces from eight artists—YookGermCatfish JawnRyan FittReynaScolariSlate and Avant-Garde Art Glass—in the Flourish Glass Marketplace. This offering aims to elevate glass art in new ways and provide a much-deserved national spotlight for talented artists who continue to push the hash culture forward.

“The glass world has been, and continues to be, essential in allowing hash culture to flourish,” said Volodarsky. “That’s why we wanted to offer the Flourish Glass Marketplace in tandem with the new limited-edition colorway for Puffco devices.”

The limited-edition collection is currently available for early access on Puffco.com to Puffco’s SMS subscribers, with general access opening Feb. 29. SMS subscribers will also be the first to know when the Flourish Glass Marketplace is open. Sign up for SMS at: https://www.puffco.com/pages/sms-signup

The Puffco Flourish Collection includes:

Flourish Peak Pro: $420
Flourish Proxy: $299
Flourish Wizard: $100
Flourish Hot Knife: $50
Flourish Travel Pack: $45
Flourish Proxy Joystick: $35

About Puffco

Puffco has distinguished itself as the leading maker of innovative, consumption devices for cannabis concentrates. Founded in 2013, the award-winning company has grown its team to more than 100 people with an emphasis on industry-leading non-traditional approaches to product development. Today, Puffco boasts an attractive, intuitive and sophisticated line of products, ranging from the iconic Puffco Peak Pro to the Proxy vaporizer pipe to the Plus portable concentrate pen and the discreet Cupsy bubbler. Praised for its ever-evolving selection of collectible and functional accessories, Puffco blends form and functionality to provide an unparalleled, seamless cannabis experience. Puffco’s mission is to make the magic of concentrates more accessible and less stigmatized while celebrating all the nuances of the cannabis plant. Learn more at puffco.com.

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