2024 marks a new beginning for marijuana companies in Missouri. A thriving adult use market that brought in more than $1 billion in recreational sales has helped to foster a healthy and hyper-competitive market. Missouri is currently home to more than 200 different brands and more than 10,000 products. As the market grows new brands and products continue to appear. Greenway looks to highlight Brands to Watch. Companies and brands ranging from homegrown talent and design, to out-of-state players looking to make a big impact, the brands featured here are those that are moving the needle.

One of those emerging brands is Ripple. Set to debut in Missouri after establishing a following of brand loyalists in other markets,Ripple is finally set to debut in the Show-Me State.

Ripple’s origin is rooted in a personal quest to create a safer, more precise edible marijuana product. It began when the co-founder’s elderly grandmother expressed interest in trying marijuana for health reasons but feared traditional consumption methods. This led to the development of Ripple, focusing on water-soluble THC for accurate dosing. Ripple aims to provide a non-intimidating, clinically proven faster option in the THC edibles market, emphasizing safety, precision, and accessibility for all consumers, which has made Ripple a game-changer for consumers seeking reliable and accessible marijuana options in other markets.


Greenway recently spoke to Missy Bradley, Co-Founder and Vice President of Revenue for Ripple, about the company’s launch in Missouri and how Ripple aims to make waves.

“Ripple is the original fast-acting edible — conveniently packaged and consistently dosed to offer the best experience for wherever your day takes you,” Bradley explained. “It doesn’t melt or freeze, so no need to worry about the weather. Add Ripple to everything from your morning coffee, to your afternoon mac-n-cheese, to your nightly tea. With Ripple the world is your edible. Ripple relies on decades of manufacturing expertise and clinical studies to create the most consistent product on the market. When we say fast-acting, we have the data (from published, peer-reviewed, clinical studies!) to prove it.”

Ripple launches in the Missouri market with its flagship dissolvable powders in four formulations:

Pure (100mg THC), Revive (100mg THC:100mg CBG), Balanced (100mg THC:100mg CBD), and Sleep (100mg THC:50mg CBN). All four options are unflavored, zero sugar, vegan, and gluten-free.

“We pride ourselves on creating the most consistent, reliable, and effective edibles in the market,” Bradley said. “Our longtime consumers return to Ripple because they know it’s a product that will work for them, every time. Ripple is a complement to daily life.”


Ripple has been a visible brand and a favorite in other markets, what changes have gone into perfecting the vision as you expand in Missouri?

“With each new market we enter, we learn more about our consumers and their reasons for seeking out cannabis edibles. We’ve relied on the feedback from both our consumers and budtenders to refine the brand and the product to best meet the needs of our base.”

What, if any, changes have you had to make with the new packaging requirements in Missouri, and how do you feel that impacts your brand?

“The changes to our packaging have not been significant, other than adding MARIJUANA and moving to two-color artwork. The color requirement visually flattens the art a bit, but the presentation of our brand still holds up.”

What should we expect to see from Ripple this year in Missouri and other markets?

“Dissolvable powders are still a small portion of the edibles market. A large part of our entrance into new markets involves educating budtenders and consumers alike on the benefits of Ripple. The Ripple brand has grown and morphed as the surrounding cannabis market has, and we continue to innovate to ensure we’re offering our consumers the best possible products and experiences.”

What differentiates Ripple from some of the competitors in an increasingly crowded market?

“Ripple funded the only published clinical research on the pharmacokinetics of THC in commercially available edible products. This research, performed by Colorado State University, proved that Ripple is absorbed into the bloodstream within 10 minutes, and consumers absorb more THC with Ripple than with traditional edibles. Ripple is the only company to have real data — from human subjects — to support onset claims.”


How do you view the Missouri market as opposed to markets you already operate in?

“Missouri offers a similar sized market to what we’re used to in Colorado. But with any new cannabis market, the operations of a single state can vary greatly. Our strategy for new markets is to be nimble and to use the first few months to learn as much as we can.”

What made Stash House the right partner for you in Missouri?

“Stash House shares our values for being operationally sound and providing consumers with quality edibles. Our product is not easy to produce, and we knew that Stash House could produce at a quality that is consistent with our own.”

Who is your target audience or consumer base?

“Our target audience is anyone who consumes cannabis. Ripple offers a convenient and discreet consumption method for times when you can’t smoke or you’re wary of the optics of consuming THC. Our current consumer base ranges in age from 21 – 80+, and we’re proud to support a wide range of consumers.”

For more information about Ripple you can find them online at tryripple.com or follow @try.ripple.



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