The Division of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) announced on February 16, an extension for cannabis packaging and labeling compliance.

According to the document, DCR has issued the extension in response to reports from industry operators regarding lead times and delays in shipping.

These delays threaten licensees’ abilities to secure packaging compliant with state regulations, specifically 19 CSR 100-1.120.

In a move to accommodate these unforeseen disruptions, DCR will extend the deadline for the current item approval variance, but did not announce an expiration. Instead, regulators advised that additional guidance will be released within the next month.

DCR officials are encouraging licensees to persist in submitting compliant item approval requests during the extension period. They highlighted that following the upcoming extension’s expiration, any subsequent extensions would likely be granted only through individual variance requests by licensees. Such requests must prove, among other criteria, that submissions for item approval were made punctually. The agency warned that licensees delaying submissions due to shipping or manufacturing delays and then seeking a variance might not find favor.

For more information, the full guidance letter can be found here.

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