Debuting on Youtube on Friday, February 9, Missouri’s regulating authority for the marijuana industry, the Divison of Cannabis Regulation (DCR), has launched a new monthly podcast series.

Co-hosted by Public Outreach Director Tara McKinney and Shayna Arndt, Deputy Director for Patient and Application Services, the first episode of the DCR podcast introduces listeners to the Missouri Division of Cannabis Regulation’s efforts to provide comprehensive information about cannabis regulation and the industry.

The sixteen-minute episode touches on the history and background of the division, starting with the approval of Amendment 2 in November 2018.

The podcast discusses the significant growth and development of the division, including the increase in employees from 57 to nearly 152 and the expansion into four sections focusing on operational support, business opportunity, patient and application services, and enforcement and compliance. It also introduces a segment called “The No Zone,” aimed at educating listeners on cannabis-related topics, with the first episode focusing on explaining what cannabis is, including the distinction between hemp and marijuana based on THC content.

Amy Moore, the Director of the Division of Cannabis Regulation, is featured as the first guest, sharing insights into the division’s growth, the diversity of experiences within the team, and the emphasis on communication and outreach efforts. The podcast concludes with a preview of topics for the next episode, including information on visiting dispensaries, patient versus adult use purchases, and updates on packaging, labeling, and business licensing.

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