Missouri Division of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) has announced an extension to the testing requirements for vitamin E acetate in cannabis products. This extension, detailed in a guidance letter to Missouri Facility Licensees issued on December 27, 2023, modifies the existing provisions under the state’s cannabis regulations.

Under the current rule, 19 CSR 100-1.110(7)(G)2, cannabis products, specifically inhalables and concentrates, would fail the mandatory tests if they showed a presence of vitamin E acetate at or above 0.2 parts per million (ppm). This compound, which has a Chemical Abstract Services (CAS) Registry number of 58-95-7, has been a point of concern due to its potential health risks when inhaled.

The newly issued variance by the DCR, however, extends the waiver for vitamin E acetate testing until February 29, 2024. Following this date, the DCR has set new parameters for the testing of this compound. The updated regulation changes the CAS Registry number for vitamin E acetate to 7695-91-2 and increases the action limit to 5 ppm. The new rule will apply specifically to mandatory testing for vapes, concentrates, infused plant material, and prerolls.

In the letter, Andrea Balkenbush, Deputy Director of the Division of Cannabis Regulation, writes, “DCR determined the good cause for granting this variance is that it provides accurate standardization of the method reference material for testing licensees, reduces the risk for false failures, and to ensures vitamin E acetate is not added to marijuana product. After February 29, 2024, DCR expects all final marijuana product in the form of vapes, concentrates, infused plant material, and infused prerolls to be screened for vitamin E acetate using the perimeters listed above.”

DCR has stated that the extension and subsequent changes will help in providing accurate and reliable testing results, thereby ensuring the safety of cannabis consumers in Missouri.

Licensees are advised to refer to the Metrc Support Bulletin MO_IB_28 for additional information regarding the products covered under the new testing requirements. DCR also encourages licensees to reach out to their compliance officer or the Testing and Research Unit at the Department of Health & Senior Services with any queries.

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