When The Cannabis Cult initially partnered with a selection of Missouri cultivators earlier this year to release the first Cannabis Cult Connoisseur Pack the community lit up with positive responses and feedback for the limited-run flower pack, which pitted four of the state’s top cultivators against each other in a blind test. Now The Cannabis Cult is back again, dropping an ultra-limited run of blind testing packs for concentrate aficionados in Missouri.

“The Cannabis Cult’s first Concentrate Connoisseur Pack is a curated Has Live Rosin selection from three of the most reputable and respected brands in VIBE, Local, and Vivid. It’s an exclusive offering designed to provide concentrate enthusiasts with a blind tasting experience, allowing them to discover and rate a number of hash attributes ranging from the rosin’s color and consistency, to the aroma, flavor, and post-melt residuals,” explained The Cannabis Cult’s Aaron Childs.

“The Cannabis Cult released our inaugural Flower Connoisseur Pack in October, where Local took the win with their Ice Cream Cake submissionstrain, so we reached back out to the flower pack participants knowing they all have great hash rosin. They all wanted to continue the friendly competition, which I think is great for consumers and the industry as a whole,” Childs told Greenway.

The Connoisseur Pack is priced at $150 for 3 grams of live rosin which offers a unique tasting journey of different rosin selections at a reduced cost compared with the shelf value of one gram of rosin, which retails for up to $70. But the offering is extremely limited, with only 100 of The Cannabis Cult Connoisseur Pack – Rosin Edition being released statewide.

“The Connoisseur Pack – Rosin Edition is definitely an offering that we plan to continue to release; just like our flower version, which will make its return on January 12, also at Greenlight locations. To create a tradition, The Cannabis Cult has created two custom championship boxing-style belts, one for rosin and one for flower, which will be in possession of its latest heavyweight champion. The brand that is awarded the current People’s Champ will be expected to defend its championship title in the next pack round heavyweight match!”

Similar to the original Cannabis Connoisseur Pack, the scoring process is anchored by a set of criteria that both The Cannabis Cult and the participating producers have mutually agreed upon that they believe are important to rosin patients and consumers. These criteria encompass the key aspects of the rosin which are color, aroma, consistency, flavor, smoothness of inhale, residuals, and last but not least, effects. Participants will be provided with a guidelines insert included in the packaging that outlines how to evaluate each product, which is simplified by the unique QR code on each offering. 

“Participants who complete the survey are automatically entered into a giveaway for a chance to win a $50 credit they can use at Greenlight locations. We’ll also be sending the winners a Cannabis Cult tee shirt and brand swag!” 

“Our primary goal is always quality. We collaborated with these partners that we know from experience produce exceptional rosin, and considering they are participating in friendly competition for a chance to win the Rosin Connoisseur Belt, we trust that every brand will have a submission that makes this pack well worth the price tag.”

Consumers can expect 3 grams of quality live hash rosin from three excellent brands in the Missouri cannabis industry, Childs said. “VIBE and Vivid have been putting out amazing rosin for a while now and Local recently started releasing rosin, which I got a sneak peak of at the last Connoisseur event – and it looked and smelled great. I’m very excited to see who will end up with this first win in this event as it could end up being any one of these brands. I don’t know who to put my money on.”

The limited Rosin Connoisseur Pack drops today exclusively at Greenlight. “Greenlight Underground Joplin will have the majority of the packs with limited amounts also available to purchase in-store or online at Greenlight Ferguson, Greenlight Poplar Bluff, and Greenlight Independence locations as well.”

Childs demonstrated the educational aspect involved in the process saying, “Each scoring criterion will be judged from an interval scale between 1 to 10 points We provide guidelines on what the participants should be evaluating. For example, on Aroma, a 1 would represent ‘weak or no aroma’ while a 10 would represent a ‘strong and pungent aroma’.”

Each question also has similar guidelines that are specific to the categories to make it as easy as possible for the consumer to understand and score, he explained.

The next Connoisseur Pack will be released at the same Greenlight locations that received distributions for this pack, but the bulk of the next drop will be allocated to the Underground event at Greenlight Ferguson, he said.

“The Cannabis Cult Connoisseur Pack – Rosin Edition is an exceptional, limited-time offering, and being our inaugural rosin experience, it promises a memorable experience for connoisseurs. Join us at any of the aforementioned Greenlight locations on December 15 and 16 for this limited release, but try to get there quickly before they sell out! Given the pricing, innovative experience, and limited quantities available, we expect this to go quick!”

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