October saw Missouri marijuana sales slide for the third straight month.

The month’s total sales reached $113.10 million, the lowest sales total since adult use sales began in a shortened February, with medical marijuana sales falling nearly $20 million from January’s $37 million mark.

Breaking down this total, recreational marijuana sales reached $95.50 million, while medical marijuana contributed $17.60 million. Compared to the previous month, September 2023, where total sales were $117.80 million, this represents a 3.99% decrease in overall sales. Specifically for medical marijuana, the sales in September were $19.60 million, indicating a 10.20% drop in the medical segment in October.

From August to October 2023, Missouri’s marijuana market demonstrated a noticeable decline in sales. In August, total sales amounted to $119.00 million, marking the beginning of a downward trajectory. This was a slight decrease from July’s $123.20 million. September continued this trend, with total sales decreasing to $117.80 million. In October, sales declined more significantly to $113.10 million.

Analyzing the medical marijuana sales in Missouri for 2023 reveals a distinct downward trend, following the introduction of recreational marijuana in February.

January to October 2023 Medical Marijuana Sales Trends

January 2023: The year began with medical marijuana sales at $36.99 million, representing the entire marijuana market in Missouri at the time.
Introduction of Recreational Sales: In February, alongside the introduction of recreational marijuana, medical sales began to decline. This month saw a total of $31.20 million in medical sales, a decrease from January.
Consistent Decrease: This downward trend continued consistently through the year. Each subsequent month saw a reduction in medical marijuana sales.
Significant Drops: By mid-year and towards the end, the drop became more pronounced. For example, sales decreased to $26.00 million in June, $24.50 million in July, and by October, they were down to $17.60 million.

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