St. Louis, this one is for you! These gummies are inspired by the 314’s most iconic dessert: gooey butter cake with a berry twist. The Blueberry Gooey Cake flavor is rich, sweet, and creamy with an infusion of fresh blueberry flavor. These gummies are formulated with a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. The result is a delicious and soothing indica gummy.


[ 1:1 gummies ]

[ discreet ] No smoke. No smells. No problems.

[ 4-in-1 ] Customize your dosage by dividing the gummy (or not). Each gummy is scored into 4 for easy dividing!

[ local flavor ] Inspired by the 314’s most iconic dessert: gooey butter cake—with a berry twist.

[ CBD ratio ] CBD is known for its soothing power. Combine with THC for the perfect duo.

These delicious treats are brought to you by CODES, a leading brand in Missouri’s thriving cannabis industry.  They just opened their 13th dispensary in Osage Beach, in the heart of Lake of the Ozarks continuing  to expand its presence and build on its commitment to providing exceptional cannabis products and personalized customer experiences statewide.


CODES is inspired by the passion and sense of identity we all have with the area codes that raised us. With a dedication to cultivating local cannabis, CODES is creating a space for Missourians to unlock their highest potential while illuminating the best of their community. For more information visit or @codes.missouri on

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