UCG Inc. is joining forces with Mana Supply to bring the renowned Dabstract brand to Missouri’s recreational cannabis market. Known for its dedication to High Terpene Extracts (HTE), Dabstract’s expansion into Missouri is a significant development for the state’s recreational cannabis market.

UCG Inc., a pioneering force in the cannabis industry, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Mana Supply to introduce the renowned Dabstract brand to Missouri’s recreational cannabis market. Known for its unwavering commitment to High Terpene Extracts (HTE), Dabstract’s expansion into Missouri signifies a significant milestone for both companies and the evolving cannabis landscape.

UCG Inc. CEO Eli Korer shared, “We’ve found the Missouri cannabis community to be one of the best in the nation – having the level of West Coast appreciation and love for the plant and best products, backed with strong Midwest relationships and values. Dabstract has a special opportunity to bring even more great things to this great state. We’re excited to deliver on it.”

His sentiment was echoed by Mana Supply’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Stephanie Cernicek, who added, “Mana Supply Co. is excited to introduce the Dabstract brand to the Missouri market. We know their award-winning live resin concentrates and vapes will be a huge success amongst discerning customers across the state.”

The partnership between UCG Inc. and Mana Supply marks an exciting chapter for both companies as they work together to bring Dabstract’s outstanding cannabis products to the “Show-Me” State. With a shared commitment to quality, this collaboration promises to raise the bar for cannabis offerings in Missouri.


About UCG Inc.

UCG Inc. is a leading company in the cannabis industry, dedicated to delivering exceptional cannabis products to consumers. With a focus on innovation and quality, UCG Inc. has consistently set industry standards for excellence. For more information, visit unioncannabisgroup.com.

About Dabstract

Dabstract is an award-winning cannabis brand recognized for its High Terpene Extracts (HTE). Founded by brothers Derek and Dylan Thiel in Washington State, Dabstract has set a standard for quality high-terpene concentrates that celebrate the essence of each strain. To learn more, visit dabstract.com.

About Mana Supply

Mana Supply is a reputable cannabis processor and distributor known for its high-quality cannabis products and dedication to dispensary support. As a trusted source for cannabis enthusiasts, Mana Supply is committed to providing premium products to consumers in Missouri.

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