Since the launch of adult use in February, Missouri cannabis has seen immense changes in the landscape of the community and industry.

One of the most exciting parts of those changes from a consumer perspective is the slew of new brands, products, collaborations, and partnerships aimed at creating excitement and value for cannabis consumers and patients in a saturated market.

Now four of Missouri’s top cannabis brands are collaborating with The Cannabis Cult to offer consumers the chance to be the judge, in more ways than one.

The exciting collaboration brings The Cannabis Cult and four of Missouri’s top cannabis brands together with VIBE, Vivid, Local Cannabis Co., and Greenlight offering cannabis consumers a truly unique connoisseur experience, allowing consumers an exclusive chance to delve into a curated selection of premium cannabis.

“The Cannabis Cult approached a select group of Missouri licensed cultivators, who the market has acknowledged as some of the best. Our partners’ willingness to subject their products to rigorous scoring and evaluation underscores their deep commitment to product feedback and respect for the discerning cannabis consumer,” explained Aaron Childs of Cannabis Cult.

The Connoisseur Pack encapsulates a meticulously curated flower selection from these reputable cultivators, presenting a limited edition of just 500 packs. This venture stands as a Greenlight underground exclusive, with each pack encompassing four premium 3.5g A-grade bud jars, totaling 14g of premium flower per pack. The intention is to usher consumers into a blind-tasting expedition, enabling a genuine and unbiased exploration and rating of some of Missouri’s finest cannabis.

“Our initial launch will be dropped at Greenlight Underground in Independence, MO on Friday, October 6, and Saturday, October 7. We anticipate the packs will sell out quickly, so it is recommended for patients and consumers to arrive early,” Childs said.

The Cannabis Cult Connoisseur Pack is offered on a first-come-first-serve basis, with no pre-orders available. The pack includes a selected eighth from each of the four featured cultivators all for a $120 price point.

Because of the extremely limited quantities, early arrival is advised to secure a chance to partake in this unique tasting journey. 

The cannabis pack offers a discounted gateway to top-tier products, but it also empowers consumers to voice their feedback. 

For those who take the time to score each cultivar, submissions give consumers an opportunity to win enticing prizes including credits at Greenlight dispensary and exclusive vendor merchandise.

The scoring process is simplistic yet thorough. 

“Each eighth jar will contain minimum COA compliance information but will include a unique QR code that can be scanned with a phone to take the participant to each strain’s separate scoring page. The scoring process is anchored by a set of criteria that both The Cannabis Cult and the participating cultivators have mutually agreed upon as criteria that matters to the consumer and patient. These criteria encompass aspects like Bud Size, Bud Structure, Aroma, Stickiness & Moisture Level, Smoke Smoothness, and the overall Effects experienced by the user,” Childs told Greenway. ““Each scoring criteria will be judged from 1-10 and we provide guidelines on what attributes the participants should evaluate. For example, on Bud Size the 1 would represent numerous small buds while the 10 would represent fewer, large bud(s). Each rating question also has similar guidelines that are specific to the categories to make it as easy as possible for the consumer to understand and submit their feedback.”

A comprehensive guide provided at the point of purchase ensures a standardized and informed evaluation process.

Each Cannabis Cult Connoisseur Pack promises a spectrum of premium flower, reflecting the zenith of cultivation craftsmanship, with each cultivator autonomously selecting a strain. The blind judging aspect is believed to uphold the integrity of the competition, with the final verdict resting upon the consumers.

“The Cannabis Cult has teamed up with four of the most esteemed cultivators in Missouri, including VIBE, Vivid, Local Cannabis, and Greenlight Cannabis, who are renowned for their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability,” Childs continued, “Our primary goal was quality. We collaborated with our partners to curate a selection of flower strains that showcases different effects, flavors, and profiles, ensuring that consumers get a comprehensive tasting palette of some of the best Cultivars in Missouri while providing unbiased feedback.”

What can consumers expect inside?

“Expect four eighths of premium flower, each reflecting the pinnacle of cultivation craftsmanship. Each cultivator had the freedom to select its own strain, without disclosing their planned selection. With the blind judging aspect of it, we trust each cultivator will be bringing one of the best. Nonetheless, the patients and consumers will decide if they agree,” Childs said.

Given the immense excitement and hype surrounding this inaugural offering, plans are already brewing for a subsequent Connoisseur Pack slated for November at another Greenlight Underground location. 

The Cannabis Cult and the teams behind the collaboration are optimistic that with success more brands come on board.

We anticipate that more brands will want to get involved and put their product to the test. This is a win for patients and consumers,” Childs concluded.

Head out to Greenlight Underground this weekend to make sure you have an opportunity to get hands-on with The Cannabis Cult Connoisseur Pack.

You can learn more about The Cannabis Cult, Greenlight, Local Cannabis Co. , VIBE, and Vivid by clicking on the links.

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