In July 2023, the legal marijuana market in Missouri continued to demonstrate its strength, with monthly sales reaching an impressive $123.2 million.

This signifies the sixth consecutive month where dispensaries within the state have surpassed the noteworthy $100 million threshold in combined sales.

Since the initiation of legal medical marijuana sales in October 2020, Missouri has now achieved cumulative sales of over $1.35 billion.

With total sales amounting to $752.5 million through July 2023, the Missouri market continues to see sustained growth.

Missouri Marijuana Sales by Month in 2023. Green indicates Rec sales, Blue indicates Medical sales.

Breaking down the figures further, recreational sales have been the driving force behind the explosive growth of marijuana sales in 2023. Year-to-date recreational sales have tallied an impressive $542.70 million. In July adult use sales reached an impressive $98.70 million for the month. While medical marijuana sales have waned in recent months, medical marijuana still maintains a solid presence in the market. Total medical sales for the year up to July have amounted to $209.80 million, for the month of July, medical sales accounted for $24.50 million.

July witnessed a 1.57% increase over the previous month of June.

Missouri sales have been projected to exceed $1.4 billion in 2023 alone.

While the market continues to experience strong growth and great success, a recent administrative hold and recall by Missouri Division of Cannabis Regulation could dampen those projections.

More than 62,000 products were included in the recall.


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