Clear Cannabis Inc. (CCI), national licensor of The Clear, a legacy national cannabis brand providing innovative and high-quality distilled concentrate products, has announced the release of their line of ‘gummy’ cannabis edibles called DripCees in new states. DripCees previously launched in the Missouri cannabis market in August 2022. DripCees Gummies will be available at retail stores across Colorado beginning the week of May 15 and will debut in the New Mexico market in June 2023.

Celebrating 10 years as a premier brand in the legal cannabis market, The Clear has provided customers with industry-leading vapes since 2013 and infused pre-roll products since 2021. DripCees by The Clear are fast-acting, vegan gummies for the modern cannabis consumer. DripCees Gummies are infused using premium distillate and enriched with specific ratios of cannabinoids designed to provide distinctive experiences.

CCI is partnering with licensee Clear Colorado Group (CCG) to manufacture and distribute DripCees. “We are very excited to launch DripCees with CCI, which has an established presence in this market,” said CCG Logistics Operations Manager Bonnie Kenny. “Our team has been working hard to manufacture DripCees with a focus on high-quality ingredients and superior quality control.”

Each DripCees gummy is scored with lines to help consumers split 10-milligram pieces into as many as four smaller pieces for microdosing. DripCees are produced in the shape of The Clear’s iconic Drip-C logo and come in three delicious, all-natural flavors, with more great flavors to come. The current flavor lineup includes: DripCees Tropical Coconut ‘Enjoy’ THC-only gummies; Peaches N’ Cream ‘Sleep’ gummies with THC, CBN and CBD; and Strawberry Watermelon ‘Recover’ gummies with THC and CBG.

DripCees gummies are already gaining industry accolades: The DripCees Strawberry Watermelon Recover 1:1 THC/CBG Gummies recently won second place in the March 2023 THC Classic in Colorado in the “Gummy” category. With juicy, sweet summery tastes and a cannabinoid ratio designed to support recovery, these gummies are perfect for balancing an active lifestyle.

“Colorado has always been a leader in the cannabis industry, and we’re proud to be launching The Clear Brand Family of products newest product offering, DripCees” said Clear Cannabis Inc CEO Richard Batenburg Jr. “We know there’s a demand for high-quality gummy edibles in this market and we believe our commitment to quality, consistency, and responsible use will set us apart and make DripCees a favorite among both new and experienced cannabis users.”

DripCees gummies use an innovative cannabinoid delivery system designed to improve how your body absorbs cannabinoids to make them fast-acting; Consumers feel effects in as little as 15 minutes. This proprietary cannabinoid-delivery technology is Lipid In-vivo Transport (LIT), one of The Clear’s fast-acting and bioavailability-increasing infusions.

The Clear line is available in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Oklahoma (availability of products varies by state and retailer). The national cannabis leader has plans to roll out additional consumption formats and expand into emerging markets throughout the east coast in 2023.

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About The Clear
The Clear is one of the world’s first commercially produced cannabis brands. Founded in 2013 by a team of scientists who reinvented the cannabis industry by introducing molecular distillation to the legal cannabis market, the award-winning cannabis brand prioritizes product consistency, proprietary formulations, product safety and consumer experience – regardless of state. A national licensee of Clear Cannabis Inc., The Clear products are available in multiple cannabis markets in the U.S., including Arkansas, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Oklahoma. For more information about the first and original distilled cannabis brand, visit

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