Good Day Farm, a leading producer of cannabis in the South, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation, “Super J’s” infused pre-rolls, soon available at select dispensaries throughout Missouri.

Good Day Farm takes pride in using only the highest quality cannabis flower in its products, and Super J’s infused pre-rolls are no exception. The company takes its premium flower and super-infuses it with an explosion of flavorful botanical terpenes and potent cannabis oil, creating a full gram of THC-loaded flower that is then rolled in organic papers and coated with a supersuit of small-but-mighty kief.

Super J’s infused pre-rolls come in sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties, each with its own unique blend of tasty terpenes for super flavor. The flower, cannabis oil, and kief combination ensures a super-powered smoking experience, with an average THC content of 35% per Super J.

Good Day Farm‘s Super J’s infused pre-rolls are available at select dispensaries statewide.

For more information, visit Good Day Farm‘s website at

About Good Day Farm

Founded in 2020, Good Day Farm is the largest licensed medical cannabis producer in the South, supplying the region with an abundant selection of cannabis products in a diverse range of formats, including premium flower, edibles, vapes, concentrates, syringes, tinctures and topical creams. With state-of-the-art grow operations and cutting-edge R&D facilities across Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri and Mississippi, Good Day Farm prides itself on being an ambassador of this healing plant in the South, where every day the Company is on a relentless quest to grow, nurture and share really good cannabis. From high-touch and high-tech growing practices to expert extraction methods, everything Good Day Farm does is rooted in a desire to cultivate goodness – good people, good cannabis and good days. Good Day Farm is a proud partner of the Last Prisoner Project and continues to be a strong advocate for the plants over pills movement. For more information or to locate a dispensary, visit

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