314 is Missouri’s first area code-inspired strain

CODES, Missouri’s newest cannabis brand, has announced its launch with an inaugural collection of cannabis strains that includes a 314 strain dedicated to its namesake, St. Louis. The CODES brand is rooted in local communities and experiences and aspires to bring high-quality, terpenerich strains to Missouri’s six area codes across the state, starting with the 314 strain. The brand also plans to launch supreme pre-rolls, vapes and gummies inspired by local flavors this summer.

Available statewide, the 314 strain is known for its refreshing yet relaxing effects, perfect for lounging on a picnic blanket in one of the city’s many parks. The aroma and flavor are filled with a sugary sweetness balanced with a dank dose of diesel reminiscent of that classic, sweet-but-gritty St. Louis spirit.

“The CODES brand is all about shared experiences, including the love for great cannabis,” said Ray Boyer, founding member of CODES. “CODES brings together several Missouri cannabis operators and visionaries with a shared goal of providing the highest-quality cannabis specifically curated for Missourians. We look forward to offering an array of products that celebrate Missouri’s unique culture.”

Founded in 2023, CODES’s mission is to empower local communities to unlock their highest potential through cannabis. To celebrate its first product launch, CODES has made a donation to St. Louis-based charity The Housing Partnership. The Housing Partnership’s goal is to promote and enhance the quality of life in the community by creating a healthy and economically sustainable living environment for families in the St. Louis area.

CODES’ supreme sativa, indica and hybrid strains – including 314 – will be available in dispensaries across the state, including Organic Remedies, Coco, and Good Day Farm, with special attention to the St. Louis area. For more information about the CODES brand, visit www.codesbrand.com.


From medical to adult-use, Missourians have come together to create their own unique cannabis culture. Inspired by passion, legacy cannabis pioneers across the state have banded together to bring something special to Missouri. As entrepreneurs, driven by their love for the plant, these individuals were leaders in the rise of the Missouri cannabis market. Now, they’re taking the Missouri cannabis revolution to the next level.  Say hello to CODES.

CODES cannabis is inspired by the loyalty and sense of identity we all have with the area codes that raised us. With a dedication to local artists and local color, CODES is committed to creating a space for Missourians to unlock their highest potential with cannabis while illuminating the best of their community.

For more information visit www.codesbrand.com or @codes.missouri on Instagram.

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