The Missouri Division of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) has granted an extension of the January 20 waiver related to 19 CSR 100-1.180(2)(D)2.D in a letter and new guidance document.

The emergency rules, which became effective on February 3, 2023, will expire on July 30, when the final rules go into effect.

According to the guidance, the waiver of the requirement for Department-issued IDs to be scanned using a barcode scanner has been extended through May 31, 2023.

DCR stated that the Department “has determined good cause for extending the above waiver is that licensees need additional time to come into compliance with the changed or additional requirements outlined in the emergency rules filed January 20, 2023. As the rules go through the formal rulemaking process, the Department will continue to review the waivers and variances to determine if additional time is needed for licensees to comply.”

As of February 3, licensees must comply with all applicable rules outlined in 19 CSR 100-1, except for the rules for which waivers and variances were issued and have not yet expired.

The Department expects that licensees are actively working towards compliance with the rules for which a waiver or variance has been given so that they can comply by the dates outlined in the waiver or variance.

The use of barcode scanners is required for dispensary licensees to scan department-issued identification card barcodes at the time of sale or distribution. The requirement applies to transactions involving a qualifying patient, primary caregiver, or personal cultivation purchase.

DCR states that the purpose of the rule is to ensure that a department-issued identification card number is accurately recorded in the statewide track and trace system to minimize errors involving patient, primary caregiver, and personal cultivation purchases and allotments.


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