Leafwell, a leader in the medical cannabis industry, announces its innovative Partner Program has assisted over 15,000 patients in obtaining medical cannabis certifications, generating more than $27 million in revenue for partner dispensaries at no cost to them.

This exciting milestone comes when the cannabis industry faces multiple economic challenges, making the success of this unique endeavor all the more significant.

While many publicly traded cannabis multi-state organizations have struggled to produce net profits amid post-COVID-19 price compression, inflation, and regulatory concerns, the Leafwell Partner Program offers dispensaries a transparent way to increase revenue without hidden fees others charge — or any fees at all.

The Leafwell Partner Program, available to dispensaries in states where medical cannabis legislation is in place, is designed to cultivate a robust relationship between Leafwell and its partners. In addition to its direct financial benefits, the program fosters a sense of community among its partners through collaborative promotions, marketing initiatives, and information sharing.

The result is an all-encompassing support system for patients and dispensaries that prioritizes accessibility, efficacy, and ethical business practices.

Emily Fisher, Founder and CEO of Leafwell, explains how the company meets the needs of a rapidly evolving and unpredictable industry without leaving any partner behind.

“The uncertain nature of the cannabis market has taken a toll on businesses,” says Fisher. “We recognized that companies needed creative solutions to face their challenges without imposing additional financial strain. This set us on the path to developing a solution that aids cannabis companies in maximizing their revenue potential while keeping their operational costs in check.”

As the cannabis industry continues to navigate shifting economic landscapes, Leafwell remains committed to its mission of promoting the safe, responsible use of medical cannabis by providing quality telehealth services and supporting partners toward a more prosperous future.

To learn more about the Leafwell Partner Program and how it drives successful outcomes for cannabis businesses with its no-cost marketing services, please visit: https://leafwell.com/partner-with-leafwell/.

About Leafwell:

Leafwell is a leader in the medical cannabis industry, providing patients and dispensaries with a comprehensive suite of telehealth services focused on education, certification, and ongoing support. With a deep commitment to the safe, responsible use of medical cannabis, Leafwell harnesses the power of cutting-edge technology, expert consultation, and a network of trusted partnerships to empower patients and dispensaries alike.

Leafwell does not perform licensed medical practice, nor does it receive compensation on a per-patient basis. Leafwell’s technology and management platform does not raise Corporate Practice of Medicine Doctrine (CPOM) regulatory concerns that the healthcare providers’ healthcare decisions will be driven or influenced by the desire to generate profit rather than the care of patients, nor that nonlicensed individuals or companies will be able to control medical practices and limit provider freedom and earning capacity.


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