Kosmik Brands was brought to fame in 2019 with gummy edibles that defied gravity, and now they are launching the very first 2g LIVE RESIN Black Hole Device.

Kosmik Brands has expanded their space mission and discovered the very first LIVE RESIN Black Hole device. Curated from high-quality, oil + live resin, the Black Hole disposable concentrate pen has 2 grams of rocket fuel per individual device and five potency options of top-secret blends to choose from. Customers will get to experience a stress-free trip through the cosmos with the 3.3 voltage device that is rechargeable and pre-packed with cannabinoids for easy use. With straightforward user instructions, this device sets itself apart from other concentrations by stimulating a grounding effect for heavy hitters to easily build a stabilized high.

Filled with invigorating flavors, the LIVE RESIN Black Hole is available in green, orange, red, pink, and yellow options. Customers have the option between sativa, indica, or hybrid strains of classified proprietary blends to achieve the perfect body and head high every time. With top-grade strains of Sour Diesel, Tangie, Slurricane, OG Double Bubble, and Lemonade Kush, every flavor contains potent natural aromas that correspond directly to the natural compounds within the specific strain. The Black Hole concentration pen will always be filled with 2 grams, making it the obvious choice for heavy-hitters and medical patients.

To make the Black Hole easy and effective to use, Kosmik Brands designed this device with a USB-C charging port and pre-heat button located at the bottom of the device. The button can be activated by pressing it down three times consecutively and waiting around ten seconds for the device to preheat the hit. While each person experiences different effects to cannabis, it is important to start with one puff and wait at least 15 minutes before taking another hit.

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