[Re]Waste, Canada’s largest cannabis packaging recycling program, launches today in the US with an informational virtual session at 4 pm for Missouri licensed operators to ask questions and learn more about the program.

The United States has a growing cannabis industry and although we’re aware of some startups in US markets to provide support for sustainability initiatives, we’ve been making huge progress in Canadian dispensaries and helping the planet while also driving customer loyalty and traffic,” said Corey Saban, [Re]Waste CEO.

[Re]Waste, is dedicated to revolutionizing the recycling industry and helping businesses achieve their sustainability goals. The use of their Track and Trace technology allows businesses to easily monitor their progress and impact, while their vertically integrated solutions and focus on the circular economy sets this program apart from others. Retailers can place collection bins, provided by [Re]Waste, in their stores for consumers to recycle their cannabis packaging – driving repeat business and customer loyalty, while helping to support sustainability initiatives.

Here’s how it works:

Collect cannabis packaging from your customers, encouraging increased and repeat foot traffic

Step 1: Dispensary signs up for the program by paying a nominal monthly fee.

Step 2: Start collecting cannabis packaging for processing and recycling.

Step 3: [Re] Waste receives and sorts cannabis packaging.

Step 4: Material is processed and used as feedstock to create new recycled products, including some that the dispensary can resell in the form of cannabis accessories (US 2024)

Want to share how much CO2 you’ve reduced with your dispensary packaging recycling? How many tons you’ve diverted from landfills? [Re]Waste provides data that partners can use to truly illustrate their impact on the environment with full transparency and reporting of results and progress toward their sustainability initiatives.

Join the [Re]Waste session today – you can register for the free event HERE.

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