Best of the Industry 2023 – Best Employee Resource Management Company

Se7en Staffing knows all that there is about the cannabis industry. They use this knowledge to help clients find jobs and education within the industry. Se7en collaborates with various organizations and universities and has formed an affiliate partnership with a cannabis training program to coach candidates who are wanting to work in the cannabis industry.  Se7en takes pride in coaching and assisting minorities, women, and veterans who desire to enter the workforce.

Our company takes a ‘Se7en’ step approach with our clients to fully develop our partnerships & relationships in order to provide superior service and support.  We are about the “big picture” in the cannabis workforce sector. We secure superior talent to sustain a well-diversified and knowledgeable staff and talent pool for our clients. We train and coach candidates how to enter the cannabis workforce and to be successful long-term in the industry,” says Christy Essex, Se7en’s CEO and founder.

Essex has more than 9 years of direct workforce experience and 12 years of cannabis industry experience gained through education, working to support ballot initiatives, compliance and risk management certifications, and organizational involvement at various levels in the cannabis industry.  Essex’s experience, passion for the medicinal benefits of the plant, and favorite motto “free the plant” allow her to align the company’s values and experience to tackle the challenges associated with the sector. 

“Our Vice President has years of experience in retail, manufacturing, and distribution experience which contributes to the success of Se7en and the clients we serve,” added Essex.

2022 was filled with excitement in the ever-changing world of cannabis. Se7en strategically positioned itself to service the cannabis sector nationally by forming alliances and partnerships around the nation including a 5-Star Certification Training program to offer clients and candidates. The candidates obtain opportunities in the market they otherwise would not be qualified for and clients are supplied with a superior talent pool. Se7en also worked with its training partner to host a national workplace forum to allow collaboration of professionals and owners in the industry. 

 What endears Se7en Staffing to others in the industry? 

“The wave of ups and downs our clients have faced has been both challenging and rewarding.  Se7en considers our relationships with our clients as a true partnership.  We have worked hard to assist our clients to obtain and sustain superior talent in order to support our clients’ needs for the rapid growth happening in the industry.  SE7EN LISTENS!  We listen and pivot to the individual needs of our clients.”

 How do you stay competitive as the Missouri market continues to grow?

“Se7en solely staffs and recruits in the cannabis industry.  Our staff is educated, trained, and understands the cannabis industry in full including compliance and regulations, products and goods in the industry, and industry challenges and needs.  Se7en will continue these efforts going forward.

Se7en plans to continue to grow its footprint nationally and focus more efforts to train and help sustain the cannabis workforce in its entirety.  Se7en has started to collaborate strongly with the Hemp Industry to align efforts fully in the space.  Se7en seeks and is striving to serve the sector at a legislative and government level in the near future.

“Compliance standards and measures have been a priority in 2022 and even more so in 2023 as the industry evolves,” Essex concluded.

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