Kosmik Brands announces the release of a new option for customers to blast off into the galaxy with a 100mg gummy called the Black Hole. It is the same fan-favorite edible that everyone knows and loves, but it has been curated into a pull-apart pie to ensure all types of dosers can experience an easy and buildable high. Each slice is filled with 10mg of THC because it is crucial for recreational and medical users to recognize they can always dose up, but never dose down. The perfect cannabis line for customers who crave the freedom to gradually increase their dosage as they please. 

“I use 100mg for anxiety, pain and insomnia. The effect is always consistent with this brand,” wrote a reviewer on Weedmaps, “it’s been a lot of trial and error on my own to find a gummy that works for me, and these seem to.” Customers are exhilarated by the Black Hole’s potency, texture, and assortment of exotic flavors and colors. Just like the original Black Hole 1000mg, all of the Black Hole 100mg flavors are labeled as classified.

The idea behind this innovative product line was to create an edible that allowed customers to intake more medication, and less sugar. Kosmik Brands originally launched the Black Hole 1000mg in 2020, with high dosers and medical patients in mind. The cannabis industry raved about the Black Hole because it suppressed their pain by eating one gummy, rather than eating an entire bag in one sitting. This was quick to become an award-winning gummy in the cannabis industry and made them go from, “I haven’t tried Kosmik Brands yet” to, “Kosmik Brands is the best edible in the industry!”

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