All the way from a different planet, Kosmik Brands is introducing a new edible to Missouri called The Abyss. A treat that is guaranteed to make customers buckle up their moon boots and prepare for blastoff, as it contains 200mg of THC in just one piece and 2,000mg in the entire bag. This stimulating gummy is available in red, green, or blue editions with mysterious, mouth-watering flavors that melt together to make every taste bud dance all over the place. The perfect sensation to provide high dosers with the freedom to push their own limits and reach new highs. 

The Abyss is the first of its kind to make its way to planet earth, which is why it has been labeled as classified. The name of this gummy was derived from an infinite amount of space that is so immense it cannot be measured, also known as an abyss. Each flavor has a creative combination of infused fruits to establish a distinct and unforgettable experience for clients with medical conditions or high tolerances. It is the largest dosage available and has become a superstar in the cannabis industry. Within the first sixty minutes of the Abyss entering the market in Missouri, partners and dispensaries left Kosmik Brands completely sold out.

The Abyss is going to be a big deal. There are literally no other products like it on the market. No matter how many people try to duplicate it, they just don’t know how to copy it without affecting the taste of the gummy or having it falling apart,” stated AJ “The Sales Goat,” Co-Founder and Head of Sales at Kosmik Brands. “People in Missouri have been absolutely blown away and can’t believe the Abyss really exists. It goes from ‘I cannot believe this exists’ to ‘this is my favorite product on the market.’” 

Kosmik Brands surpasses everyone’s expectations with each new concoction they invent and their dedication to remaining consistent. They are known for their habitual introductions of new products to the cannabis industry and drastic changes to the way clients’ intake edibles. With a laser-focused mission on taste, texture, potency, and quality, customers don’t have to stress about harmful additives because The Abyss is 100 percent vegan and gluten-free. It’s time to throw on some space gear and take a trip across the galaxy with Kosmik Brands. 

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