On Sunday, February 12, 2023, Kosmik Brands crash-landed at State Farm Stadium for the final playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles. Super Bowl Sunday has become one of the most distinguished events in American sports, and many would consider it to be a national holiday in the United States. It is the one day a year that people put on their legendary gear, paint their skin in team colors, stock up on their favorite Kosmik Brands gummies, and invite all their friends and family over to celebrate football.

To commemorate this year’s game, Komet, the astronaut intern, blasted through the entire Milky Way galaxy to get back to Earth and picked up AJ, the sales goat, on his way to Arizona. The Kosmik Crew could barely contain their excitement. Not only were they able to watch their favorite teams compete in the biggest game in American football, but they also got to hang out with Komet’s best friends, Twista and The Weed ProsTwista is known for being the 1992 Guinness World Record holder for fastest rapping, along with being a platinum record holder. It only made sense for them to collaborate and throw the pre-game Super Bowl party of a lifetime at the Great Arizona Smokeout!

As fans were arriving in Arizona, they ensured to check out the event Twista and Kosmik Brands were hosting at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. Guests got to enjoy Twista kickoff the Super Bowl with an incredible performance of all his greatest hits, while indulging their taste buds in a delicious free sample of uninfused treats from Kosmik Brands. The event was an unforgettable experience for every person who attended, and it was the perfect announcement for KosmikBrands’landing in the Arizona cannabis market. Now, Arizonans can discover new peaks and experience euphoric sensations like never before with Kosmik Brands.

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