The Department of Health and Senior Services’ Division of Cannabis Regulation published today a third round of draft program rules for adult use of cannabis for those ages 21 and up in Missouri. Public feedback on this draft will be collected through Thursday, Jan. 12, through the online suggestion form.

It is expected that the final version of these rules will be filed for formal rulemaking in early February, prior to the licensing of comprehensive (medical and adult-use cannabis) facilities.

The Division of Cannabis Regulation began accepting requests on Dec. 8, 2022, for existing medical facility licensees to convert to a comprehensive facility. The majority of facilities have submitted requests, and the Division is currently processing these. Because the department has 60 days from receipt to review and approve those requests, adult-use product should be available as early as February.

Applications for consumer personal cultivation will be accepted as early as Feb. 6. Once approved, this will allow authorized persons, who are at least 21 years of age, to cultivate plants for personal, non-commercial use within an enclosed locked facility at their residence.

Many more FAQs for consumers, facilities and existing patients can be found on the Division of Cannabis Regulation website at

About the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS): The department seeks to be the leader in protecting health and keeping people safe. More information about DHSS can be found at or find us on Facebook and Twitter @HealthyLivingMo.

The public may submit written comments through the Suggestions Form until January 12, 2023 regarding the draft rules.

DRAFT 100-1.010 Definitions v3 (01-09-2023)
DRAFT 100-1.020 Generally Applicable Provisions v3 (01-09-2023)
DRAFT 100-1.030 Complaints, Inspections, and Investigations v3 (01-09-2023)
DRAFT 100-1.040 Consumers, Qualifying Patients, and Primary Caregivers v3 (01-09-2023)
DRAFT 100-1.050 Physicians and Nurse Practitioners v3 (01-09-2023)
DRAFT 100-1.060 Facility Application and Selection v3 (01-09-2023)
DRAFT 100-1.070 Facility Ownership and Employment v3 (01-09-2023)
DRAFT 100-1.080 Facility Employee Training v3 (01-09-2023)
DRAFT 100-1.090 Facility Security v3 (01-09-2023)
DRAFT 100-1.100 Facilities Generally v3 (01-09-2023)
DRAFT 100-1.110 Testing v3 (01-09-2023)
DRAFT 100-1.120 Packaging, Labeling, and Product Design v3 (01-09-2023)
DRAFT 100-1.130 Inventory Control and Seed-to-Sale Tracking v3 (01-09-2023)
DRAFT 100-1.140 Transportation and Storage v3 (01-09-2023)
DRAFT 100-1.150 Marijuana Waste Disposal v3 (01-09-2023)
DRAFT 100-1.160 Cultivation Facilities v3 (01-09-2023)
DRAFT 100-1.170 Manufacturing Facilities v3 (01-09-2023)
DRAFT 100-1.180 Dispensary Facilities v3 (01-09-2023)
DRAFT 100-1.190 Microbusinesses v3 (01-09-2023)

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